Bad Endings

Caution: Not only does this page contain spoilers galore, it also touches on heavy subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

The Tears in the Rain ending from Heavy Rain. An example of a bad ending.

A Bad Ending is an ending with bad events happening after the player either makes a wrong choice, don’t do an objective correctly, take the wrong path, don't get crucial items, etc. Although they're quite rare in modern games, they were quite common in classic video games, gaining infamy for their unnerving and almost scary qualities.

Why Most of Them Suck

  1. These endings can be rather disrespectful towards first-timers, as they wouldn’t know they had to do something in order to get a hero ending, not helping with the fact that the player has already beaten the game.
    • Even worse, sometimes the game doesn't show at all what you need to do (which is an infamous example that the entry n. 25 has).
  2. They can also be completely unnecessary and almost pointless, as they don’t serve any real purpose in the game other than being filler.
  3. Similar to Game Overs, they tend to be real scary and dark, especially in an E-rated game that’s aimed for children, once again so much for a game being Rated E for Everyone.
  4. If you were to get a bad ending, there is pretty much no way to stop it, so if you want the good ending, you’ll pretty much have no choice but to restart the game all over again from the beginning.
  5. Trying to avoid a bad ending in a game can be really tedious, because if you’re a first-timer, you won’t even know what to do in order to get a good ending, unless you either keep replaying the game all over, or by looking it up, of course.
  6. Similar to Game Overs, they can be rude, shameful, and disrespectful towards the player, as they will try to tease the player into playing the whole game over again, but instead the player will just refuse and not play again.
  7. Even if you get a villain ending in a game, you’ll even hear some disturbing music playing in the background, which can be just as annoying as game over music.
  8. Sometimes, they are the only endings accessible in their respective games. This is especially common in competitive games like fighters & car combat.
  9. Other times, they can double as a Game Over because you either screwed up, gave up out of intense exasperation or other reasons.
  10. They can be the default ending on the easiest settings as a middle finger to beginners, as masterfully demonstrated by entry #5.
  11. Some games may have multiple bad endings of this nature that makes reaching the good ending(s) a major pain in the neck.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Not all games have scary bad endings like these, or any disturbing music for that matter.
  2. Despite their flaws, they can actually make the game more challenging and entertaining.
  3. Thankfully, they are mostly non-canon, so they don’t necessarily affect their respective series.

List of Video Games with Bad Endings (WARNING: Read at Your Own Risk)

  1. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear): If you don’t collect all 5 hidden Chaos Emeralds before finishing Scrambled Egg Zone where its boss grants you the sixth one, Sonic can be seen running in what appears to be Green Hills Zone by himself, and when the credits end, he then looks up to the stars and sees a star image of Tails, implying that Eggman used whatever Chaos Emerald(s) at hand to kill Tails. The music does not help either. To make matters even worse, it even shows the Game Over screen afterwards as if the game was disappointed in you for not saving Tails. Now, keep in mind, this Game Over screen also appears after the Good Ending too.
  2. Doom (1993): At the end of Inferno, the third episode, text appears indicating you've successfully repelled the menace, showing beautiful scenery for some time before slowly panning left to a burning base and a bunny's decapitated head on a stick, proving the message's sarcasm & that you've inadvertedly let the demons invade Earth. That bunny was later retconned to be Doomguy's pet rabbit Daisy, the one thing he cared for, which makes it all the more fist-clenching. The kicker is that before the Daisy-avenging Thy Flesh Consumed, the eventual fourth & final episode, this was the one true ending of the game. The music with its jarring change of tone just seals the deal.
  3. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain has one of the possible endings being Kain refusing to sacrifice himself for Nosgoth, causing the pillars to collapse & the subsequent corruption turning it into a wasteland in exchange for eternal life. He then drinks from his bloody chalice, celebrating his "victory" by laughing & proclaiming that vampires are indeed gods made to thin out humanity's numbers like Vorador said. What's worse is that this is canon from the closest thing to a true hero in the series.
  4. Heavy Rain: Depending on how you play the game, you can get different endings:
    • All of the main characters can die at any point during the game and will get an ending involving their death if they end up dying in one chapter.
      • Ethan Mars can die at the warehouse if he either goes alone or if he goes with all the main characters but Madison fails to warn Ethan about the police.
      • Madison Paige can die from Adrian Baker in "The Doc". She can also die in "Killer's Place" from suffocation/burning to death/jumping off the building/an explosion. Another point where she can die is if you make her get to the warehouse alone, with Ethan Mars or with Norman Jayden and you fail the QuickTime events at the points where Scott Shelby tries to kill her.
      • Norman Jayden has quite a few moments in the game where he can die, he can die by Mad Jack I’m the "Mad Jack" chapter, he can also die by the origami killer in "Fish Tank", and he can be killed by Scott Shelby during the QuickTime events if he either goes alone, with Ethan Mars or all the main characters.
    • If Shaun died at any point during the game, Ethan Mars will get either the "Helpless" (if he gets arrested), "Origami Blues" (if he doesn't kiss Madison) or "Tears in the Rain" (if he does kiss Madison) ending, and in all of these endings, he ends up killing himself.
    • If Madison Paige doesn't end up kissing Ethan or Ethan gets arrested and Shaun dies/Ethan dies, Madison will get the "Square One" ending which involves her insomnia getting worse.
    • If Norman Jayden doesn't solve the case and Shaun dies, he will get the "Smoking Mirror" ending which involves Jayden feeling guilty about not saving Shaun in time and he also talks to himself, after that, he dies from overdosing on Triptocaine.
    • If nobody saves Shaun/Norman Jayden or Madison Paige saves and dies from Scott Shelby or fails to save Shaun as they get killed by Scott Shelby at the warehouse and Lauren died in "Trapped", Scott Shelby will get the "Unpunished" ending which involves him walking down the streets and him getting away with all of his murders.
    • "Helpless", "Dead Heroine", "Smoking Mirror" and "Unpunished" is arguably the worst combination of the different endings of the game as Ethan Mars gets successfully framed as the Origami Killer, Madison Paige loses her life in the process of trying to find out who the killer is, Norman Jayden doesn't solve the case on who the killer was and ends up dying from overdosing on Triptocaine, Shaun Mars and Lauren Winters both die and Scott Shelby gets away with all of his crimes.
  5. Streets of Rage: Upon reaching Mr. X, he offers the player to join him. Normally, saying yes results in you having to go back to an earlier level. If playing with another player, the choice is given to both players separately. If one chooses yes while the other chooses no, Mr. X forces both players to fight each other. Should the player who chose yes come out victorious, Mr. X will ask them once again to swear loyalty to him. Choosing no this time will result in the usual fight against him. Upon beating him however, you get an ending where your character becomes the new leader of Mr. X's organization, complete with them doing a maniacal laugh.
  6. Streets of Rage 3: First, defeating Mr. X in round 5 on Easy reveals him to be a robotic replica, telling the gang & the player they must try harder, which Dr. Zan vows to do. Cue the real Mr. X crushing his glass of wine in furor, like he's the player. Second, defeating Shiva in round 7 after failing to save the chief has him refuse to tell of the real Mr. X's whereabouts, with Zan swearing live on TV that he WILL stop him. Cue the same scene as before. Finally, failing to defeat Robot Y before the bomb in the factory explodes has Adam Hunter coming to the rescue by evacuating the gang on his helicopter, to which a wall of scrolling text reveals that although the day was saved, the explosion killed several civilians and destroyed numerous buildings, which will take a long time to repair, shattering the city's confidence in our heroes in the process. The Japanese version shows a picture of Wood Oak City in ruins after the Laxine bomb detonated in the factory.
  7. Splatterhouse 3: It all involves the mask saying that human suffering is why it lives & will live on as long as suffering exists before being destroyed, with different outcomes depending who was or wasn't saved. If only David, Rick and Jennifer's son, is saved, he'll ask his dad where is his mommy. If only Jennifer is saved, she asks him where is their son, to which she doesn't believe her ears, presumably because he told her about it. If neither were saved, Rick looks at a family picture & laments his solitude caused by his heavy burden of a failure.
  8. Tekken 3: Completing the game as Jin Kazama shows a cutscene where Heihachi & his bodyguards gun him down, revealing that Jin's grandfather actually planned to double-cross him for his own gain this entire time. The Devil Gene unleashed, Jin attacks them, flying off into the night sky afterwards. The music sounds straight out of a horror film, which doesn't help one bit. King on the other hand has a simple wrestling match that his mentor Armor King disapproves of & goes away, causing a worried victorious King to rush after him to see what's the matter, only to find his now-maskless mentor in a severely weakened state. The intense music WILL get you. Unbeknownst to King (& those who've never played Tekken 2 before), poor Armor King is suffering from his life-threatening injuries sustained sometime after the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 twenty years prior (read: his ending in that game). This is especially surprising considering that most of the game's endings are either light-hearted or awesome in nature.
  9. Tekken 5: Letting the continue timer run out against final boss Jinpachi triggers a cutscene where he laments that no one could stop him, cries tears of blood & turns into his final form. A message appears saying that the devil gene consumed him & the world would never be the same afterwards, all because you couldn't defeat his overpowered being to save your life (& the entire population).
  10. Rayman 2: Accepting Jano's treasure after defeating him in the Cave of Bad Dreams cuts to an overweight Rayman resting on a tiny island with the prize. This would be funny if it didn't imply that Rayman's greed caused an entire civilization to become enslaved by the Robot Pirates. It should be noted that on certain versions, like in the PS1 port due to system limitations, Rayman point-blank refuses the offer.
  11. Street Fighter Alpha 3: Seeing as Final Bison is a harrowingly difficult one-shot final boss, losing to him ends the game with him using your character as an eventual new host for his being.
    • If you manage to win as Bison against Ryu, his ending will be Ryu's bad one.
  12. King of Fighters '97: Completing the game with an edit team results in the final boss Orochi banishing the team into nothingness. A rather philosophical message appears wondering if Orochi isn't as evil as they say & that humanity may be the true enemy at hand, a cryptic hint at needing to complete the game with an actual team to get the true endings as well as the player asking many, many questions.
  13. The Twisted Metal series has a plethora of these, caused by the winner's foolishness, Calypso's trolling, or both, usually darkly funny in nature. 1's Outlaw gets launched into space for wishing to end the tournament (despite killing numerous civilians on his way, no less), 2's Thumper wishing to rule the world, now full of dead bodies by the tournament, 3's Roadkill wishes for solitude among the pines, now became a mental patient at the Whispering Pines Mental Hospital, to The Joneses plummeting to their deaths on a road trip by an annoyed driving Sweet Tooth in 4, Black's Bloody Mary vowing to find true love, one man at a time after killing her newfound love for saying he'll never love her, Spectre suffocating in a mountain of cash in Head-On, Sweet Tooth getting buried alive in search for his daughter, the one that escaped his grasp, & the list goes on.
  14. Knuckles' Chaotix: If you defeat Metal Sonic but don’t have all 7 Chaos Rings, Dr. Eggman is seen in the middle laughing, and then you’re treated to a cutscene where Metal Sonic is seen floating above a burning city (basically meaning that your victory was for nothing). What really makes it scary is not only the music alone, but also the fiery background that makes the scene look like Hell, Metal Sonic positively looking like Satan & implying the main characters also died in that city! Cue the end credits to that wholesome image.
  15. Rare's N64 platformers are notorious for these doubling as Game Overs. Donkey Kong 64 has King K. Rool maniacally laughing as he prepares to blast DK Island to pieces with his Blast-O-Matic. Banjo-Kazooie contains Gruntilda and her captive Tooty successfully swapping looks, turning Grunty into the prettiest around (read: an über-bombshell) & Tooty into a horrific obese Shrek-like monstrosity wanting to have a word with her brother Banjo right now. Conker's Bad Fur Day (and its Xbox remake Live & Reloaded) ranges from the Panther King using duct tape after seeing the squirrel's remains, to drinking from milk containing a missing frame on Conker's person & showing the squirrel tied as a table stool in utter fear.
  16. Fatal Fury 1: Losing to final boss Geese Howard shows the player's character plumetting to their deaths by Geese kicking them off of his building, the battle's location. While it does bear similarity to a Roadrunner running gag, their faces of fear aren't very pleasant to look at.
  17. Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin (Sega CD version): If you take too long beating Kingpin, the final boss, Mary Jane gets dunked in acid & dies. The villain, after the police apologizes to Spidey for thinking he was the culprit, vows his return & taunts him for killing MJ! If you die during said fight, he proceeds to dunk both the webhead & his wife in acid, killing them. Not even the crappy voice acting can ease the horror.
  18. Comix Zone: Failing to save Alissa in the final fight against Mortus & his goons results in Sketch returning to the real world, but with his comic book destroyed, taking her along with it. The game then ponders if Sketch will restart the entire ordeal to earn his happy ending. In other words, you must replay this hard-as-nails game all over again to earn his happy ending. The very sarcastic "Happy Sketching!" at the end adds insult to injury big time.
  19. Mega Man X5: Not collecting all 4 Falcon Armor parts before the final set of levels causes the Space Shuttle to crash into Earth, turning a now-Maverick Zero into the final boss before Sigma kamikazes with Zero in front of X. Our hero is then at death's door until a ghostly figure revives him & wipes all the painful memories clean. On the downside, he has no recollections of Zero, which he doesn't see anything wrong with it unlike his colleagues, all questioning themselves as to what lead to such an outcome in the first place. X is painfully out of character here like the burden of failure resting on the player's shoulders for screwing up.
  20. Live A Live: If you choose Oersted to serve as the protagonist for the final story, you are put into a boss rush where you play as the final bosses of all the other character's stories. Winning them all will have Oersted left to wander alone and sad. On the other hand, if you get low on health for any one of these battles, an option called Armageddon becomes available. Selecting it results in everything being erased from existence, and the music is outright wrenching and downhearted. It just has to be seen to be believed.
    1. Believe or not, that same ending also triggers if, when you lose the fight against Pure Odio, should you choose Pogo, Oboro, Sundown, Akira, Masadu, Xin Shan or Cube as your main character.
    2. There's also another bad ending that triggers when you defeat Pure Odio. Oersted will ask Pogo/Oboro/Sundown/Akira/Masadu/Xin Shan/Cube to finish him off, and the player will have to choice if doing so or spare him. Should Pogo/Oboro/Sundown/Akira/Masadu/Xin Shan/Cube accept Oersted's order to kill him, the credits will begin to roll, with the implication that the heroes will be stuck in the knight's timeline for eternity.
  21. Dead Rising 1 (Ending F): If Frank West doesn’t get rid of all of Carlito’s bombs in time, you’re greeted with a cutscene, that shows the timer counting down before the screen flashing to white, an explosion being heard, and then the screen cuts to what appears to be a photo of a mushroom cloud. The text doesn't help, which reads “As planned, the explosion sent parasitic organisms responsible for the zombie outbreak high into the stratosphere. The contamination quickly spread far beyond the quarantined area, turning the once isolated incident into a nationwide epidemic.”. And after that, the screen fades to black with one more text saying “Soon, the whole of the United States fell victim to a rash of zombie outbreaks.”.
    • What makes this worse, is that you’re timed (so good luck trying to get rid of all of Carlito’s bombs). At least you get rewarded with the Mega Man Tights if you get this ending.
  22. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney: At the end of the final episode's second day trial, you are prompted to choose whether the defendant, Vera Misham, is guilty or not. Problem is, this choice makes no sense, as 1) The player has viewed the proceedings in the courtroom earlier and it was up to them, as Apollo, to conclusively prove her not guilty, so it wouldn't make sense for the player to choose the option that basically negates all his work; 2) This option contradicts the reason why the Jurist system (one of the most vital plot elements in the game) was created in the first place, as its purpose was to let the citizens aid the Judge in giving the correct verdict based uniquely on their common sense, so it wouldn't make sense that they'd give Vera a guilty verdict after seeing the events play out; 3) The player's actions don't matter in the slightest bit in this segment, which isn't how a real life jury works, and 4) Vera dies if she receives a guilty verdict, so all the efforts the player put in are in vain. Any objections?
  23. Oddworld series: Minus Stranger's Wrath, they feature the main characters left for dead by their comrades for not saving enough of them. In Abe's Oddysee, Abe gets grinded into Mudokon-made Mudokon Pops. In Abe's Exoddus, he gets accidentally electrocuted to death by a Slig, to which its boss Molluck decides to just laugh it off anyway, despite not getting Abe's tears to make Soulstorm Brew, freshly made from enslaved Mudokon tears. Finally, in Munch's Oddysee, the Fuzzles become so furious, they attack Munch & Abe to the point where the latter's head is a trophy & the former gets vivisected alive by Vykker scientists to give the Gluk Queen new lungs. As such, you won't be able to access Vykkers Labs to rescue the Mudokon Eggs as promised, instead getting darkly humorous newspapers about your failure's aftermath, even calling you "Ya Evil B******!!" in the headlines!
  24. Conker's Bad Fur Day/Conker Live & Reloaded: Just as our anti-hero is about to be killed by "final boss" Heinrich, the programmers freeze the game and Conker, after the programmers introduce themselves, decides to have some fun by picking up a katana, tells them to send him to the throne room & chops the boss' head clean off. Only problem: he forgot to tell them to revive his girlfriend Berri, whom Don Weaso gunned down before the fight. As such, he's declared king of all the land by the people he didn't want to meet on his way back home, ending the Panther King's reign of terror. He then tells a heartwrenching monologue about how you could have all the stuff you'd ever want, but in the end, you never know what you truly have until it's gone. Post-credits, he's at The Cock And Plucker about to drown his sorrows, drunkenly goes outside and ventures to the right as opposed to the left that led to his journey, ending the game on a cliffhanger for a sequel that would later be canned.
    • This is the one ending obtainable in the game, by the way, minus the Game Overs. Consider Gregg the Grim Reaper's begrudging reluctance on reviving people and you get the picture.
  25. Batman: Dark Tomorrow: You have not one, not two, but three bad endings out of four! And two of them (one being the good ending) requires you to have disabled the Doomsday Device with the Universal Tool in the final level. Unfortunately, considering that the developers NEVER PUT IN A WARNING ABOUT THAT FOR YOU AT ANY POINT IN THE GAME about the Universal Tool and that the Doomsday Device could be interacted with it (assuming you found it), you will face the bad endings over and over.
    1. The first one triggers if Ra's Al Ghul defeates Batman without him disabling the device, and it's the most infamous one. While it seems that Batman defeated Ra's Al Ghul, the latter pulls the detonator, and activates the bombs, killing thousands of people. Not helping is Batman screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!".
    2. The second one is similar to the first, but Batman loses. Compared to the first ending, this is the worst one, because while Batman dies, Ra's Al Ghul gets him to witness the destruction as well. And you get a Game Over as well, as a massive kicker.
    3. The third and last bad ending triggers if Batman disabled the device before being defeated. Ra's Al Ghul lands a fatal blow on Batman, and before he activates the device, a soldier informs him by radio that the weapon system is sabotaged, and that it will take 17 hours to reverse the damage (meaning that Batman died for nothing).
  26. Sonic CD: If the game is completed without all 7 Time Stones or without destroying the Act 1 and Act 2's robot teleporter of each stage, the ending/credits will play as usual, but the post-credits cutscene shows the corrupted Little Planet reappearing, possibly by Eggman using whatever Time Stone(s) he got his hands on as he belts out an echoey laugh, the game urging players to try again.
  27. Sonic Advance 2: Similar to Sonic CD above, except that an unhinged grinning Eggman is looking directly at the player, the game urging them to "Collect All The Chaos Emeralds!", which can be a jumpscare for first-timers, as the doctor here looks really happy that they couldn't do it.
  28. Mario Kart 64: By making it in fourth place, your character watches the ceremony for a bit, drives away, then is launched sky high by a Bob-Omb sent their way. At Peach's Castle, nonetheless (Peach herself included).
  29. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: Accepting the servitude offer of the Shadow Queen, aka the final boss, has her bragging of her victory, then in a black screen, text appears saying that she "engulfed the world with her foul magic. For Mario... For Peach... And for the world, it was..." an instant Game Over.
  30. Kirby's Dream Land 3: Completing the game without doing all the in-game challenges, while Kirby & Gooey are strolling through Dream Land as the enemy cast credits rolls, after the last one the camera pans upwards to reveal a black circular creature looking at the camera with its only eye, credited as a question mark (which is revealed to be Zero, the game's nightmarish true final boss, who provided one of the earliest sightings of blood & gore in a Nintendo game, among other things).
  31. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards: If you complete the game without collecting all the crystals, after Kirby & his friends bid farewell to the Ripple Star fairies and blast off, the Fairy Queen has a malicious look on her face at the very last second, indicating that she's been possessed by Dark Matter.
  32. Star Fox 64: After the credits finish, if the game is completed from the Bolse stage, Andross's face will appear in front of the sun (in a black void in the 3DS remake) accompanied by a maniacal laugh indicating that you didn't kill the real Andross. This is also hinted to the fact that the boss is different.
  33. Kirby Star Allies (Heroes in Another Dimension): If Kirby doesn't collect 100 or more hearts, and defeats the Three Mage-Sisters, after the victory dance and the score section, he and his friends will leave the area, and the camera zooms on the Mage Sisters, while a dark aura surrounds them. And that is also brought with an ominous jingle similar to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards'. Also, the credits will play somber music, King Dedede will be your boss, and after that, you're greeted with a "The End?".
  34. King of the Monsters 2: After beating final boss Famardy, you're tasked with beating his tiny lookalikes that formed him within a time limit. Failure results in a cutscene explaining that peace has permanently returned thanks to a global apocalyptic earthquake. After typing your high score initials, it cuts to that horrific Game Over of Famardy looking at you with his mouth wide open, like you're his next meal. Not even the classic Engrish of game creator SNK can ease its grim nature.
  35. Empire Earth (Russian Campaign): While the ending isn't really bad, it still leaves a vague clue whenever the timeline was repaired or worsened at the end. After you defeated Grigor the Second, you have the option to enter Grigor's Headquarters as either Sergei Molotov (as Cyborg) or Molly Ryan. While it changes the dialogue, either Molotov or Molly Ryan will kill Grigor Stoyanovich and his bodyguards, and as a time vortex begins to pull them off, they wonder if they will land on a better or worse timeline.
    • This is also the only ending, by the way.
  36. Cave Story: After defeating the core and receiving an alert from Kazuma, Quote must return to Egg Corridor (now destroyed by an unknown explosion), examine the computer and talk to the former. After explaining that before Misery kidnapped Sue, the research team was preparing to escape, Kazuma will ask Quote if he wants to escape with him. Choicing Yes and following Kazuma to the Sky Dragon will make so that him and Quote goes on the dragon and escape. And during that, it's revealed that The Doctor would soon attack the entire earth with the rabid mimigas by using the island as a fortress, while Kazuma and Quote would live their days hidden in the mountains.
  37. Harvester: The titular villain leaves Steve, the main character, with a dilemma, all unpleasant in nature: killing Stephanie in exchange of returning to the real world (where he becomes a serial killer like the villain and his order wanted, kills a driver while hitchiking & laughs off his mother's clichéd criticism of video game violence while he plays Harvester, clearly adoring his newfound lifestyle) or sparing Stephanie to make the best of life in the virtual world simulator (where they get married & have a child before dying in the simulator, all within minutes).
  38. Rise of the Triad: Dark War: If the player fails to destroy all the Oscuro Larvae before facing the final boss El Oscuro, the ending plays as usual until it reveals that 30 years later, one surviving larvae nuked the whole planet to that dreadful Game Over track, someone saying a mocking drawn out "You suck." just to rub it in, resetting the final stage, rinse & repeat until all the larvae & El Oscuro himself are eradicated.
  39. Rise of the Triad (2013): By your activating the nuke on the arena of final boss El Oscuro, he'll utter "Oh no, you didn't!" before the bomb explodes, so "You just killed everyone in L.A. Game Over." You know it's bad when, taken into consideration, the friggin' main villain, of all people, disapproves it!
  40. Eternal Champions: If final boss Eternal Champion defeats the player, he takes their soul away & goes to his chamber to tell them that he will return them (& their opponents indirectly) to their deaths out of sheer deception, not having enough energy to start another contest, leaving an uncertain future to fend off for himself, implying the apocalypse is nigh. This is a boss with FIVE health bars, each with their own unique movelists, godlike AI & only one try.
  41. Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side: Doubling as Game Overs, the player's character is sent to their now-inevitable deaths by their discontinuing. Slash gets stoned to death by his peers for his unbelievable intellect, Dawson is hang for a crime he didn't commit, Xavier gets burned at the stake on grounds of being a Warlock despite actually being an alchemist, Shadow is thrown off the building of her superiors for trying to put their seedy actions on blast, Riptide gets killed from behind by her rival, & the list goes on.
  42. Postal: After the Postal Dude tries to gun down a school (Vanilla) or goes to his "funeral" walking past a church (Redux), he faints & gets locked up, indicating an hallucination of sorts. A cutscene plays featuring various grungy colored asylum images as a man talks about this Dude's actions, state of mind & their eventual study on him. The music is some of the most frightening audio ever to be put on tape. There's no other ending but this.
  43. Postal 2: At the end of Friday, the game's final mission/day, the Postal Dude's B**** (Yes, that's her name) asks him if he got her Rocky Road. Realizing his mistake, a gunshot is heard & the game ends. Nobody knew whether the Dude shot himself in a fit of stress & or his wife killed him in a fit of rage until the subsequent Apocalypse Weekend expansion pack revealed he barely survived his own suicide attempt - Pretty surprising considering the game's vulgarly light-hearted tone.
  44. Saints Row: The Third: If the player chooses to kill Killbane, not only they lose their chance to save Shaundi and the monument, but after completing the mission in which STAG attacks the Saints, the boss declares Steelport as an independent nation ruled by the Saints.
  45. Saints Row 4: If all the loyalty missions aren't completed before the final mission, an ending occurs where the Saints plan on taking over the universe, unaware of their ability to time travel.
  46. Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2: If you do the Conquest route, you're greeted with the Conquest Ending. It revolves around Nepgear killing her fellow CPU Candidates, the CPUs, ASIC and even her big sister Neptune of all people, which can be pure Nightmare Fuel for first-timers and the music doesn't help either. To make matters even worse, the entire ending is fully-voiced! Which also doesn't help either!
  47. Cuphead: Once you get to the Devil, the game's final boss, he'll offer you to give your souls to him and become his slaves forever. Choose “Yes” and you’ll see an unsettling cutscene of Cuphead and Mugman as possessed demons in a flaming background as the Devil laughs before the screen fades to black. To add salt to the wound, by returning to the title screen, the opening theme song plays backwards in a nauseatingly demonic tone because why not, of course.
  48. SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom: By finishing the game like any ordinary fighting game, a cutscene plays showing the Guardian Dogs' Temple under a misty night sky with text saying your character vanished for no apparent reason, giving rise to increasingly bizarre rumours as to how it happened for years to come. Losing to the ludicrously-hard-to-reach true final bosses reveals that they've turned you into a weakling for the rest of your life by losing this one shot (An animal for Athena & a little demon for Firebrand), followed by the aforementioned cutscene. The melancholic music just hits you over the head for your failure, even though you just wanted to play a fighting game in peace like the next man.
  49. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: In the final area, you decide whether to challenge Galeem, Dharkon or both. By defeating only one of the two, the other will chain the boss you defeated, shoot a laser to kill it, and covers the world in complete light/darkness. Dharkon is especially creepy, not only because of the close-up of its eye and his demonic aspect (compared to the angelic Galeem, itself an unexplainable abomination, for one), but you get also a view of Mario falling on his feet, implied that Dharkon's darkness took his life.
  50. Drakengard 1 has multiple such mind-screwing endings ranging from Furiae's "rebirth", subsequent defeat and her clones swarming the world, The Watchers (revealed to be giant infants) conquering the world and this one too bizarre to describe in words.
  51. Tekken 1: While all endings in this game are heartwarming, Kazuya's, where he throws his father Heihachi down the very same cliff he himself was thrown in by his old man all these years ago and smiles at the camera, is a different story. Despite the hints, such as his intentions of starting a worldwide coup d'état if he wins stated in the manual and his unlockable Devil skin you face as Heihachi himself, no one at the time could've predicted the turn of events in the sequel onwards, since he was the main character/canon victor in the end.
  52. Dead or Alive 3: Ayane's ending consists of her shedding a tear, harnessing Omega's weapon as a momento, and walking away from the flames desintegrating what was her adopted father Genra, the closest thing to a family she ever got in her life, who was experimented on by DOATEC to create Omega, also the game's final boss. A very poignant moment in the series made all the moreso in that it's canon.
  53. Samurai Shodown V (Special): Kusaregedo's ending consists of him catching up to Rimururu intent on eating her (given his preference for children), only to find his own daughter begging him to return home to the life he once cherished, crushed by his horrible state of being. Having next to no memories of his past & his hunger taking full priority, he decides to eat her instead. AND SHE WAS PREGNANT! Yummy.
  54. Metal Slug 4: Believe or not, there's a bad ending in this game. After you defeated the final boss, the game isn't over, but there's another part where the characters have to escape, all while explosions are coming towards you from the far left. If you fail to escape, either by trying to get the collectibles, the prisoners, by intentionally going towards said explosion, or if the second player spawns right where the blasts are, the screen goes black, and the mission will be completed. However, you will be greeted to a cutscene where either Marco, Fio, Trevor and/or Nadia are in bandages at the hospital, all while Ruki Aikawa is assisting them.
    • While is true that Tarma Roving and Eri Kasamoto comes to give a basket of fruit for the characters, the fact that the playable characters got injured to the point of being sent to an hospital is kinda heavy.
  55. Egg Hunt 2019: Scrambled in Time: Althought not scary, it kinda stings. After you defeated Evilwick, you have the choice to either seal or take the egg. If you choice to take the egg, not only Evilwick will scold you by saying that it shouldn't have happened this way, but the mysterious figure kicks you away, and sacrifices himself, saying that it didn't have to end that way. During the time that the event was active, this bad ending rewarded the players with the egg "Leggendary" (which cannot be obtained anymore after the end of the event).
  56. Persona 5: There are many ways to get a bad ending, such as missing the deadlines (which causes the player to be arrested, and/or certain characters taking the worst) or letting Okumura escape, but there are two major bad endings that rewards you with a red "End" and the new game plus unlocked (without bonuses):
    1. The first one is if you make the deal to Sae to reveal your accomplices. Akechi arrives and tells a police guard to follow him, only to then shoot both the guard and the protagonist with a silenced gun, making it look like a suicide. The kicker, however, is that Igor, Caroline and Justine will berate the player for his failure.
    2. The second one is if you accept the false god's offer (which also shows Lavenza's disappointment toward your choice). The world is reverted back to normal, and the Phantom Thieves are praised. However, not only the people loses their ability to think for themself due to lack of free will, but the protagonist will smile maliciously, indicating that he became a puppet of the false god (not helped by the fact that Morgana, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto, Futaba and Haru are still jailed in the Velvet Room).
  57. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: During the final day, if Link doesn't play the song of time and lets the timer run out, you will be greeted with a cutscene where the moon crashes into Clock Town, unleashing a wave of fire that destroys Termina and takes Link as well. Then you will see the Majora Mask, and after that, you will hear the salesman's laugh, with the words "You've met a terrible fate, haven't you?"
  58. Nosferatu: When you die, you will be brought into the continue screen, where you can see a photo of Kyle and Rein smiling together. If you decide to quit, the game will give an image where the vampire bites Erin. However, the bad ending comes to the fact that if Kyle dies eight time and defeats the vampire, Rein will bite him after he reunites with her, causing you a Game Over as well.
    1. The reason for said Game Over, is because after you died eight time, Rein's expression changes, highlighting her fangs in the photo, showing that the vampire bited her already (which means that if this condition is activated, you won't see the image when you exit, because it happened off-screen).
    2. BTW, when this condition is triggered, there's nothing that you can do about it. The only solution is restarting from the start.
  59. Wario Land 3: This ending will trigger only during the final boss fight, after you collected the final music box. If you get caught by Rudy the Clown's grabbing attack, he will laugh. And after that, you will be brought to the game over screen. Oh yeah, did we mention that this is the only way to get a bad ending?
  60. Wario Land 4: While all endings have the same result for Wario (he escapes the temple with all of the treasure he collected), the difference is the form that Princess Shokora takes. In the best ending (achieved by collecting all twelve chests) she takes on a young and beautiful appearance. The second ending (achieved by collecting six to eleven chests) is similar to the best but with longer hair. The worst ending (which occurs by having only one chest) has her take the form of a bratty child. The best way to describe her appearance for the third ending (which you get from acquiring two to 5 chests) is to take Wario and put him in a dress.
  61. Bomberman 64: Althought not a creepy one, if you don't collect all the 100 gold cards and defeat Altair, Regulus will save him and escape, and when Bomberman manages to return, Sirius will be disappointed with you as well. What seals it, is that you don't know if Altair managed to take the Omni Cube or not, or if he will return.
  62. Ghouls N' Ghosts series: After beating the game(s) the first time, you're informed that the room of the final boss was an illusion all along, then you have to re-do the entire hard-as-hell game(s) all over again on a higher difficulty setting for the true ending!
  63. System Shock 2: After Goggles finally kills Shodan for all she's worth after refusing her servitude offer, it cuts to an Escape Pod where a security guard informs his company that they managed to regain control of the ship, but not without Rebecca acting mighty strange recently, then she wakes up, revealing that Shodan didn't really die and has possessed her, ending the game on a cliffhanger for a sequel that was put in the works just recently. Think about it, Shodan was just an AI terrorizing space fleets before this. Imagine the chaos she would cause under a human host. No other ending but this one, we're afraid.
  64. SiN: John Blade finally catches up to main villain Elexis Sinclaire, but not before she seduces him long enough to escape his grasp by zapping away to an escape pod and presumably spreading herself across the globe the moment he aims for the kill, like his partner JC informs him during the cutscene. This ticks off Blade enough to slam a big red button on Sinclaire's desk, aborting a countdown perhaps to set him up for self-destruction purposes all along. There was an episodic sequel down the line where Elexis took over the world and its effects on the populace, but developer Ritual Entertainment got bought out shortly after its first episode (out of a planned 9), abandoning the franchise at the worst moment in time. So much for that conclusion...
  65. Half-Life: The mysterious G-Man, after multiple cameos throughout the game, finally introduces himself and congratulates Gordon on his work in an eerily off manner, implying those cameos were just him seeing if our hero is qualified for the job. He then offers him either to get "hired" or die in a losing battle as a "payback for his personal holocaust". Either outcome is bad as the former leads to the authoritharian world of Half-Life 2 and the latter has a defenseless Freeman slaughtered by an army of aliens since the G-Man took his weapons away due to their being governement property.
  66. Pokemon Clover: The romhack has a hidden way to detect cheaters, which means if during the game, you decide to use too much Rare Candies or Master Balls (if cheated), or have a legendary pokemon that you shouldn't be able to obtain yet when you defeat the champion, the police will interrupt the hall of fame cutscene, will arrest you and throw in a jail cell (with a cellmate). What doesn't help, is a noose that wipes out your save file by interacting with it, implying that the character took the easy way out.
    1. Another one comes if you get defeated by Vyglass at the end of the post-game, which has him telling Clovenix to obliterate the player. Unlike the police ending, the game only resets.
  67. Neo Geo Battle Coliseum: Beat any boss (Mizuchi, King Leo or Neo Dio) other than the true one and they'll die, yes, but not before a wall of text describe their wounds in graphic detail, vowing their return, WAREZ still being around & the player needing to try harder next time. All walls of text also make it clear that they don't quite perish for good, so the cycle continues until the real final boss is reached. Imagine enduring the same pain over and over until the victor finally reaches the true road to the final victory.
  68. Transformers: Decepticons: After the second part of the final battle, where Megatron shows up before the much beat-up player avatar and faces the final boss Starscream, a cutscene plays where he expresses furor over his right-hand man's betrayal over the AllSpark. Starscream then warns him that he himself won't be the last one that would dare challenge his leadership, to which his boss assures him they will suffer the same fate as him. The leader then kills his right-hand man in cold blood, proudly declares victory and jets to the avatar begging him to spare his life to no avail, as he also kills the avatar in cold blood, declaring that he was "A waste of resources. The weak only serve to benefit the strong." before jetting away. Frank Welker's on-point delivery really sells it, as Megatron is just a downright chilling presence here. By the way, this is the only ending in the game. Also, do keep in mind that the player themselves had a huge hand in saving the villain from his ice cold prison.
  69. Power Stone: Valgas' ending shows him finding the missing piece of the Power Stone and relishing the power he desired at the cost of turning into that mutated atrocity of a final form, much to his horror, ushering a dark age of destruction to begin. The cartoon adapted this by showing the lurid metamorphosis right before your eyes, with his screaming thrown in for good measure just to show you the extent of his pain.
  70. Undertale: Performing a genocide run by killing monster (that is every monster in the area and not just every monster you happen to come across) results in your character mercilessly striking Asgore down with Flowey delivering the finishing blow before being brutally slashed apart as well. After which, you are greeted by the Fallen Child who tells you to destroy the world. no matter what you choose there, the child will destroy it. This ending taints the good ending and turns it into a bad ending no matter what you do by making it where the fallen child takes over your character at the end of a pacifist run and gives the implication that they kill everybody again.
  71. Halo 2: A cutscene plays building up what appears to be this epic climax where Master Chief flies through space to activate the other rings when he's questioned about his coordinates, to which he replies "Sir... finishing this fight.", abruptly ending the game on a cliffhanger. You've essentially wasted all that hard work for a teaser trailer for the sequel released 3 years later on a console you had to spend hundreds of dollars for. This is because developer Bungie's original plans were too demanding for the Xbox hardware and they ran out of time mid-production, forcing them to put this ending in a hurry, grandiose slap-in-the-face music be damned.
  72. Bionic Commando (2009): After spending the entire game hunting down BioReign and looking for his lost wife, Nathan Spencer learns that, we kid you not, his wife was killed and built into the mechanical arm he's been using this entire time, connecting properly thanks to their bond. It's like the punchline to a terrible dirty joke, only it costs money and time to hear it fully.
  73. Mass Effect 3: One of the most infamous instances in gaming: you decide whether to kill the Reapers, take control of them or fuse all synthetic and organic lifeforms into one, completely going against the story-affecting choices promising different outcomes in the whole game.
  74. World Heroes Perfect: As comically played out Ryoko's ending is, it becomes this when you take her story arc, silly as it is, into account. In it, Dr. Brown reunites her and her long-lost father she spent all her life finding only for Ryoko to do the exact same Judo throw that lost him in the first place as a child out of habit, losing him yet again for God knows how long. Brown just can't believe what he sees as she cries for her father. This is coming from the series finale, by the way.
  75. Far Cry 3: After a cutscene where main villainess Citra promises Jason a better life as this godly warrior, players decide whether to join her or save his friends. By choosing the former, he kills his lover and impregnates Citra only to be killed by her in all of its first-person glory.
  76. Bubble Bobble: Beat the game solo and Bub & Bob's soulmates poof out of existence, showing a message urging you to beat it with a friend. Doing so (or by pressing start on the second controller against the final boss Super Drunk) causes them to stay trapped in their bubbles only for another message telling you both to find a magic crystal ball (Which you were never told about nor hinted at before this) just to open the secret path to the true ending. If those outcomes don't scare you, the ominous music will.
  77. Star Fox: It's possible to get into a secret level. All you need to do is go to the route 3's Asteroid Belt and destroy the second meteor, which releases an egg that hatches into a bird that you can go into. This allows you to go in the level "Out of This Dimension". However, doing so will make you stuck into it, even if you defeated the Slot Machine boss and aligned the words to spell "THE END", or lose one of your lives (turning this into a sort of bad ending). It doesn't help that Pepper's message implies that Andross didn't stop his attacks.
  78. Super Paper Mario: There are three ways to get a game over (which kinda applies as a bad ending): Either refuse to use the bowl as a space helmet in the fourth chapter, refuse to help Queen Jaydes searching for King Grambi's daughter Luvbi after you got sent to the Underwere, or accept Dimentio's offer during the third part of Castle Bleck. Two of these has Tippi scolding you for the choices you made (the second one with Dimentio planting a Floro Sprout on both Mario and Luigi), and the second one has Queen Jaydes herself casting a lightning bolt that causes mario to fall unconscious. And what doesn't help about those three endings, is that both Tippi and Queen Jaydes will warn you about those choices.
  79. The House of The Dead series: The ending you get is determined by your overall score, continues used, and how many players for the first two games, while the third and fourth are determined by your rank and the paths you choose. The ending for House of The Dead 4 Special involves the success of a certain objective at the end.
    1. House of The Dead 1: If you reach the end with less than 60,000 points and have used a continue, your character will reenter the mansion to witness Sophie having become a zombie.
    2. House of The Dead 2: Beating the game with less than 80,000 points and the last digit being zero results in the player running into a zombified Goldman upon exiting the building.
    3. House of The Dead 3: If 3 A or S ranks are achieved the the Death boss is fought right before the final level, Daniel loses the will to continue on and becomes a zombie with Lisa screaming as the scene freezes.
    4. House of The Dead 4 Special: After getting the Magician's health close to zero, he will enter the machine he came out of, upon which one of the players has to throw a grenade to finish him off. Failure to do so within the time limit results in the Magician creating more of himself, leaving the heroes in a dire situation.
  80. Crash Bash: For the Evil Ending, Uka Uka successfully collects all of the crystals and takes control of the universe. With no way to win, Aku Aku tells Crash and Coco to run and save themselves. Uka Uka simply says that there is nowhere to run.
  81. Soul Edge: Each character gets a good ending and a bad ending. The most of the good endings has the player's character destroy the titular sword, while the bad endings have them succumb to the sword's power. The most notable bad ending is Siegfried's, in which the sword possesses him and turns him into a monster that would become known in the Soulcalibur franchise as Nightmare.
  82. Disgaea series: Each game in the franchise has multiple endings that are determined by your actions (such as how often you kill your own teammates). Some good examples come from the first game. If you killed enough of your own teammates upon beating Hogmiser, you are given the option to spare or kill him (this option doesn't appear if you don't kill your teammates). Choosing to kill him has Flonne determine all demons to be evil and she fights Laharl. This results in the gates between Celestia and the Netherworld to be forever closed. Another one with similar conditions can occur upon beating Maderas. Choosing to kill him will have Flonne step in to keep Etna from doing so. Upon killing Flonne, Etna plots to kill Laharl as well.
  83. Epic Battle Fantasy 5: Believe or not, there's actually a bad ending on this game (althought not scary). If the player has 3 or less relationships completed after defeating the final boss, the game's cutscenes will tell that Matt, Natalie, Lance, Anna and Nolegs went on their separate ways, without overcoming their differences and with some grudges left, and meeting to time and time for a drink. What seals it is that Anna calls the ending a downer, Matt questions if they were a bad team, and Natalie points out that some sit in the backup doing nothing, and that they should probably involve everyone in battle. What doesn't help, is the fact that the only hints to receive a good ending is to increase the relationship between the characters, but aside from a bard talking about the four character's relationships, the game tells barely much.
  84. Kid Kool: If the player takes more than 3 hours to complete game, the resulting ending shows that the king has passed away as the main character Kool arrived too late.
  85. Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker (Triangulum Arc): At 20.30 on Day 3, Miyako will call the player's party to the JP's headquarters to explain what happened after Polaris was defeated. After the protagonist hears the whole story, Miyako offers him and his friends to offer themselves as sacrifices to put Al Saiduq on the Heavenly Throne, restoring his control of the Astrolabe and rewriting the world before it's destroyed by the Void. If the player accepts her offer, the protagonist and his friends will be detained by JP's and sacrificed the following day. The game then shows a scene of Al Saiduq being defeated by the successor to the Heavenly Throne, Er Rai, and dies, not before lamenting the protagonist's decision.
  86. Grand theft auto V: Both ending A & B are considered the worst. Ending A let's you kill Trevor but after killing Trevor you will receive text messages from the characters saying how much of an asshole the player is. Michael will no longer want to hang out with you as well. Option B let's you kill Michael. Killing Michael is much worse as not only does the player receive angry text messages (again) but Trevor will no longer want to hang out with you and you'll also lose half of the money you made on the bank of los santos heist as it is given to Michael's family.
  87. Gokujou Parodius: Upon beating Tako's Cutie, The player character (Depending on the player's choice) finds the treasure chest, only to find an anthropomorphic bomb inside. The bomb says he's "Mr. Past Glory" and that he's not the treasure. He eventually blows up the All Night Station, sending the player character into space.
  88. Lego island: If the player fails to help the Lego police catch the Brickster, the Brickster will destroy every building in Lego island. After this, nearly everyone on the island will start to cry as the game will also play sad music. The Brickster will also shout "IT'S MINE, ALL MINE HAHAHAHAHA ALL MINE ..... mine?" After that, the player returns to the main menu and the Infomaniac will tell the player that they can start over again which is basically Lego giving you the finger. And the ending is WAY too dark for a kids game. The beta ending is even more worse as it feel's more like a creepy pasta. This ending can make the player feel guilty of what they've done and young children playing the game might be terrifed.
  89. Batman: Arkham Knight: When the player finishes the main campaign and at least 12 of the 14 Most Wanted, they are given the option to activate the "Knightfall" protocol, which acts as the final cutscene. However, if the player does not have all 14 Most Wanted missions completed, the cutscene will abruptly end with a message telling the player to go back and complete all the Most Wanted missions. Keep in mind this also includes the Riddler mission which in order to complete the player must get all 243 riddler trophies hidden throughout the open world.




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