343 Guilty Spark (Halo 3)

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Geez, this is an extremely poor idea for an antagonist and final boss!

343 Guilty Spark is a character from the Halo series and later the "main antagonist" and boss of the Halo 3. He was formerly a supporting character in Halo and Halo 2 before betraying the Chief and Johnson, he is the main boss of Halo, the tenth and final level of the game and is overall the fourth and final boss of the game.

Ever since his appearance, 343 guilty spark has been heavily disliked and has has received overwhelmingly negative feedback from fans and critics alike for his pathetic battle in the game.

Why He Sucks

  1. While not as bad as Lucien, Jasper, Makarov, Mohs and/or Mitsuo, 343 Guilty Spark's character is still rather hateful, and annoying, he an arrogant prick who thinks superior of himself and later on in Halo 3, he despicably kills Johnson.
  2. 343 Guilty Spark is a "Big Lip Alligator Moment" as him being the "main antagonist" comes right out-of-no-were with little to no hints of why.
  3. 343 Guilty Spark’s design is beyond bland: It's just a small floating robot core.
  4. 343 Guilty Spark himself is very PATHETIC in battle. In fact, his only two means of attack is the energy laser he fires from his eye, which it's extremely easy to avoid and conquering a force field, which only pushes Master chief.
  5. Very poor boss music.
  6. Considering this boss’s design, 343 Guilty Spark will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to defend himself. He doesn’t even have any other abilities besides his laser beam.
  7. 343 Guilty Spark is invincible to almost all of your weapons, expect for the Spartan Laser that Johnson gives, thing is, it is not explained in the game, unless you found that out through trial and error or looked it up.
  8. Though out the entire battle, 343 Guilty Spark will constantly speck out one liners and he never shuts up!
  9. Depending on how fast you use the Spartan Laser, you can probably beat this boss in less than a minute or even in a matter of seconds, as 343 Guilty Spark is defeated in only three hits, making him the WEAKEST boss in the entire game.
    1. To be fair, the Scrab Tank bosses only took one hit to be defeated, but even they were more impressive then this.
  10. 343 Guilty Spark has rather an annoying and unfitting voice for a robot (even Cortana has a way better voice than him).
  11. For some unexplained reason, the Spartan Laser has infinite ammo, which makes this boss even easier then it already is.
  12. Extremely wasted potential: considering that this boss has only one attack, and the fact he can be beaten very easily in the game, this final boss turned out to be a complete waste of your time.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least 343 Guilty Spark has an interesting story.
  2. The arena you fight 343 Guilty Spark in is pretty cool.
  3. 343 Guilty Spark's defeated cut-scene after you defeat him is insanely satisfying.