A-90 (Roblox Doors)

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A-90 is an entity in Roblox Doors in the Rooms. It is infamous for not only attacking players who move when it appears on the player's screen but also being a worse version of Screech.

"The fact that this takes away 2x more health than Screech when a player moves makes this a very strong contender for the most hated entity in Roblox Doors."

Why This Entity Needs To Stop

1. It appears way too common in the Rooms.

2. It only gives players a few seconds to stop when it appears on the player's screen.

3. Despite appearing excessively and only giving a few seconds before it attacks, It also takes away 90 health to when a player moves which is like double the damage from Screech's attack.

4. When appearing with A-60 and/or A-120 at the same time, it creates a "Lethal Peanut Butter And Jelly" where both are deadly as they attack.

5. It looks like what a 4 year old would draw for both the Jumpscare and its normal image as it looks like it was scribbled.

6. Unlike Screech, the crucifix is completely useless against it.

The Only Redeeming Quality

1. With enough skill and reflexes, it would be such a breeze to avoid.


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