A Bad Case of Déjà Vu (Empire Earth)

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A Bad Case of Déjà Vu is the final mission of Empire Earth's Russian Campaign. In this mission, Molly Ryan and Sergei Molotov (as Cyborg) goes back in time to talk to Grigor Stoyanovich, and prevent that the events would happen again. However, Grigor the Second managed to get ahead of them and turn Volvograd, Saratov and Rostov into a technologic area (the Ushi Party) for the first Grigor.

Althought not as bad as Novaya Russia, this mission is very difficult.

Why It Has a Bad Case

  1. The game adds a condition where you have to defend Voronezh's capitol. While it's not bad, keep in mind that you have also to attack the enemy.
  2. In order to complete the mission, you have to kill Grigor the Second, and either send Molly Ryan or Sergei Molotov to Grigor's Headquarters. However, it can be a problem as well:
    1. If the player accidentaly destroys Grigor's Headquarters, the mission will fail.
    2. You can be allowed for either Molly Ryan or Sergei Molotov to be killed, so that the other will carry. However, if both are killed, the mission will fail.
      • It's also not worth sacrificing either of them, as Molotov grants moral to units, while Molly Ryan heals them and can debuff enemies.
    3. Grigor the Second has lots of HP, so unless you destroy the time controllers, or send a nuclear bomber (assuming that you cleared the area of AA Missile Towers and Grigor's Headquarters aren't near the radius of the bomb's blast), it will be difficult.
  3. You cannot ally with neither Saratov or Rostov, as they merged to form the Ushi Party.
  4. The major problem of the mission, is while you are on the modern atomic age, the enemies are on Nano age (thanks to Grigor the Second coming way earlier than Sergei Molotov and Molly Ryan). This means that you have to deal with advanced units and cyborgs.
  5. While Voronezh has troops, you cannot control them after a cutscene.
    • Also, during the same cutscene, a Titan Bomber will destroy Voronezh's doors, which can lead to enemy troops entering the city if another door or strong defenses is not built quickly.
  6. The AI has lots of resources, so it will spam units.
  7. The enemy will constantly send Centurion Tanks, Hyperions II, Guardians, Titan Bombers, Reaper Gunships, Ares II and Wyvern Bombers to attack Voronezh. Even worse, Skywatchers AA, Nebula Fighters, Priests, Pegasus Transports and XIII Medics will join among the attacking units's ranks to both sabotage you and provide themself as a sacrificial decoy for the latters.
    • Skywatchers AA and Nebula Fighters can attack your helicopters and planes as well, which can waste your bombers and trasports, while Priest will convert the structures that are outside Voronezh's walls.
  8. In order to get improved units to fight the enemies, you need to build a Spy Center, and bring a spy to the enemy's Barrack, Siege Factory, Tank Factory, Airport, Cyber Factory, Cyber Laboratory, Naval Yard and/or Dock. However, in order to do so, you must send the spy near the building, and then click said building. Problem is, you won't know it the first time you play this mission, unless you look it up.
    • Also, you can't create a new spy, unless the existing one will either enter a building or die.
    • The spies themself doesn't have much ways to attack, and most of the time the buildings that you need are protected by enemies that can kill them very fast.
  9. Ukraine doesn't help you much. All it does is sending resources for you, and that's it.
  10. You won't use Docks and Naval Yards much, as one of the docks is on Saratov's side.
    • And even if it's in Ukraine, you won't make much use of transports and boats, unless is to damage AA towers and tower on Rostov's side and bring a spy there.
  11. The ending, while not bad, leaves a vague clue whenever Sergei Molotov/Molly Ryan restored or damaged the future after killing Grigor Stoyanovich (being "brainwashed" by Grigor the Second's words about his achievements).
    1. Also, it's the only ending that you can get.
    2. Wasted opportunity: That would have been wonderful if Sergei Molotov and Molly Ryan entered Grigor's Headquarters together and killed Grigor Stoyanovich, or the latter could have realized that either dominating the world with a dictatorship would have tainted his and Novaya Russia's name, or that making Grigor the Second his successor would lead to the death of lots of people.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite being difficult, the mission is very memorable.
  2. If a spy infiltrates a Cyber Factory or a Cyber Laboratory, you can be able to build them.
    1. Also, if a spy infiltrates a Siege Factory, Tank Factory or Airport, you can be able to get Centurion Tanks, Hercules AT Cannons, Paladin Cannons, Colossus Artillery and Titan Bombers (all of which are strong enough to work against the enemy's tanks, buildings and troops), so that you can grant Grigor the Second the same medicine.
    2. Priest can also convert enemy's units, so that you can either provide them as a distraction, or assemble a group of them to attack and defend.
    3. If you manage to let an enemy priest convert the buildings outside Voronezh (a Tank Factory, Siege Factory and a Barrack), you can use a spy to get the blueprints without going to the enemy's base.
  3. Destroying the Time Controllers weakens Grigor the Second, allowing you to destroy him quickly.
  4. You are able to build AA Missile Towers and Laser Towers from the very start, without having to go to Digital Age.
  5. The idea of fighting advanced enemies with lesser version of them and stealing their technology is very cool, although it's half executed well.
  6. At least, unlike Novaya Russia and The Breaking Point, you don't have to worry about multiple factions or infinite respawning units (since destroying enemy's buildings will prevent them to create new ones).
    • And unlike the latter's universities, Capitols are able to research citizens and blimps to provide a distraction.