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Akio Asakura is the main protagonist of the Wangan Midnight franchise. He appears in Wangan Midnight R as the final boss if the player selects any cars in the AC Scenario Mode (Original Arcade) except the Devil Z (Nissan 240Z/S30Z).

This page will only cover the final boss fight against Akio himself, due to its massive difficulty spike.

Why He Sucks

  1. As expected, Akio's Devil Z (悪魔のZ Akuma No Zetto) is extremely fast thanks to its brutal top speed and acceleration (as the car itself has over six-hundered horsepower). Which requires a highly competitive and powerful car to defeat him, like Tatsuya Shima's Blackbird (RUF RCT).
  2. If you try to outrun him on the Wangan Line (湾岸線), think again: The Devil Z has Rubberband AI implemented in it that will easily catch you up, and draining a large chunk of your health bar.
  3. Unlike the rest of the rivals in the game, the timer is disabled during the battle, which it ends if either the player or Akio's health bar runs out.
  4. While he suffers from knockback when ramming your car, you'll have to heavily rely on blocking Akio until he starts losing his pace and run out of health. However, it's not an easy task depending on your location. If you're driving on Yokohane (as well Inbound and Outbound), you will need to be careful when going through corners while avoiding walls and tollbooths or else you'll lose speed, giving Akio himself a huge chance to overtake and decimate your car.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The concept of Akio himself as the game's final boss besides Tatsuya Shima (if the player selected the Devil Z) sounds very good on paper, despite it wasn't well executed specially due to aforementioned Rubberband AI.
  2. His theme song (which is a darker, fast-paced version of the "Intrusion waiting mode" theme) is pretty good and spine-chilling at the same time.
  3. Thankfully, his AI got heavily nerfed in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune franchise, even though he still poses a threat.
  4. Akio has his own continue screen quote instead of Jun "Hell's Tuner" Kitami.


The Devil Z, as seen in the AC Scenario Mode.
Akio's reaction upon defeat. (Credits goes to JDR99)
File:Wangan Midnight (PS2) AC Scenario Mode- Devil Z Intro
Akio Asakura's introduction during the AC Scenario Mode.