Alien Hominid (Castle Crashers)

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A good cameo, but makes you question: is it worth to play this character?

Alien Hominid (or Alien), is a playable character and enemy in Castle Crashers. It's unlocked by completing the Alien Ship for the first time.

Although is a good cameo, he has flaws that makes him a rank E character.

Why It Sucks

As a playable character

  1. It can't equip other weapons, thus being stuck with the Alien Gun.
    • It doesn't help that the Alien Gun has no stats improvement, aside from a chance of inflicting fire.
    • While this can be an homage to Alien Hominid HD, in that game, Alien could change the ability of the gun.
  2. His aeral magic projectile doesn't provide him knockback, which makes juggling hard, or even impossible.
  3. Its splash attack magic is not quite good.

As an enemy

  1. Extremely fragile enemy, with only 0 HEALTH.
    • As such, it cannot be targetted by the BiPolar bear, as it's counted as dead.
    • Because it has zero health, the insane mode cannot multiply his health.
    • The XBLA version gives him 2 health, but it isn't saying much.
  2. It doesn't do much damage to the player.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. In the Necromancer Room, the Necromancer summons an Alien with 100 health, providing some challenge.
    • This also means that its health is multiplied to a finest 1000 health at insane mode.
  2. It's a nice homage to Alien Hominid HD.
  3. Alien can fire his magic more faster than the other characters (about as three times faster).