Ancient Beholder (Devious Dungeon)

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The Beholder of cheap difficuty.

The Ancient Beholder is an antagonist and boss fight from the Mobile game (later turned into a console game for the Nintendo Switch) Devious Dungeon. As his name implies, he's the ruler of the Beholder enemies found in-game. The Ancient Beholder is the main boss of the second world, and overall the second boss of the entire game.

The Ancient Beholder has been infamous by players for his high difficulty.

Why He Sucks

  1. Much like Mega Goomba and Baron Brrr preveiously, the Ancient Beholder is just a larger verson of the Beholder enemies found in-game, which is just lazy, espasitly considering that this is after the battle with the Orc Cheif.
    1. The Ancient Beholder is the only boss to be basicly a larger verson on an enemy with new attacks here and there.
  2. The Ancient Beholder is a large difficulty spike, as he appears early on in the game, while you aren't well equipped.
  3. Through the entire battle, the Ancient Beholder will float in place and not move at all, and will just fire a series of energy balls or a barrage from around itself, which is just bland.
  4. Down below the Ancient Beholder, there's a set of spikes that can damage you if you make contact.
  5. The Ancient Beholder can fire a series of energy balls from his single eye, which are hard to dodge.
  6. One of the Ancient Beholder's attacks consist of firing energy balls from all around himself. This is probably the most infamous and worst part, as not only is hard to avoid, but some of them can kill you in one hit!!! Yeah, you heard us right, despite being a normal second boss, it has an insta-kill attack.
  7. The only way to damage the Ancient Beholder is to go up a platform after the Beholder fires either attacks and attack it. This is tedious, as the platform your stand on isn't very close enough for the Ancient Beholder to be hit, forcing you to get a bit closer to him.
  8. The Ancient Beholder, despite feeling like a boss that appears near-end game due to its difficulty as well as having an attack that can KO you in one hit, is the second out of the five main bosses in the game. Does this remind you of a certain boss?