Anubis Rex (Pac-Man World)

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The very definition of Difficulty Spike. Accept no substitutes! At least Blinky has the decency to appear at a more appropriate time.

Note: This page will only talk about the fight agents Anubis Rex in the original PlayStation 1 game, as the fight in the remake has been made easier.

Anubis Rex is a boss fight in Pac-Man World for the PlayStation and its remake on the Nintendo Switch, Pac-Man World Re-Pac. He is the main boss of The Ruins and is overall the second boss of the game.

Since today, Anubis Rex has been infamous and notorious by fans for his infuriatingly high difficulty, and is not only often considered as the hardest boss in the game, but also as one of the toughest bosses in gaming.

Why He Sucks

  1. Anubis Rex's design is kind of bland. It's just a giant statue, despite its name combines Anubis the God of death from Egypt and tyrannosaurus rex.
  2. In the first phase of the battle, you go through an Indiana Jones-like area where you have to run away from a mummy while avoiding spears that pop from out of the ground. Not only is this part tedious as you have to run from the mummy or else you'll get hit, but the spears can also pop from random areas in the ground.
  3. Unlike other areas in the Ruins, the arena in the second phase has lava, and if you fall in it, you will instantly lose a life.
  4. To even damage Anubis Rex in the second phase, you have to use the Rev-Roll on the four pillars enough times to reveal Anubis Rex's weak point, which can be tedious, boring and time-consuming.
    1. During this part of the battle, fireballs pop out from the lava, which will stop your progressing of opening up the panels, even though they're easy to avoid.
  5. After you open up Anubis Rex's arms, you have to roll at his weak point, because if you don't hit the weak point, Anubis Rex's arms will instantly close up, crushing you and forcing you to start the fight all over again.
    1. When you do damage Anubis Rex's heart quickly enough, you have to run out of the area, because if you're still in the area after Anubis Rex closes his arms, you will get KO'ed, as if you're getting crushed.
  6. After hitting the boss's weak spot, he will gain new attacks, each one of them which are a chore to avoid:
    1. Tornadoes: After one hit, Anubis Rex will create a tornado, which will not only damage you, but also stun you, making you get hit by the boss's other attacks or in the case if you're above the lava, you will fall in and you will lose a life.
    2. Meteors: After two hits, Anubis Rex will then unleash meteors, which will fire at each pillar. Also, if the meteors are about to hit the pillar, you might have to jump to another pillar and Rev-Roll on the pillar before going back to the pillar you were revving on.
    3. Energy Laser: After three hits, Anubis Rex will now fire a light pink-colored energy laser that sweeps from the left side of the arena all the way to the right before pausing briefly and starting over. This attack is probably the most infamous out of all of them as it has a massive hit box, meaning that you'll get hit by the laser no matter what.
  7. What's probably the most infamous thing that makes Anubis Rex brutally hard, is that unlike the other bosses, when Anubis Rex gains a new attack, he doesn't replace the attack that he's using. Instead, he adds new attacks, making the battle very overwhelming for many players.
  8. This whole boss battle feels more like a kaizo boss fight rather than a normal boss fight, as it mostly feels like a final boss due to the boss's difficulty, but it doesn't help that Toc-Man is the final boss of the game since Anubis Rex is the second boss of the game.
  9. To add salt to the wound, despite this boss's overall difficulty, he is only the second boss out of the six main worlds of the game.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Great music.
  2. Anubis Rex only has four hit-points, so if you're skilled enough, you can end the fight rather quickly.
  3. Throughout the Battle, there are items that recover your health, so it will give you more time to Defeat the Boss.
  4. This Boss Fight Has been improved in the Re-Pac Version Due to Bandai Namco Correcting all the Mistake And fixing several of the issues Especially the Rushed Ones.


  • The reason for Anubis Rex's difficulty is because Namco, the creators of the game, didn't have enough time to finish up Pac-Man World and get the final details all polished up. This resulted in them releasing the game in its final beta state, making the game rushed. Because of this, Anubis Rex was never properly play-tested, resulting in frustration to many fans and players aplenty.