Arcadia (Fire Emblem 6)

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Arcadia is the 14th level in Fire Emblem: Fuin no Tsurugi, also known as Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. It's considered one of the most tedious and boring levels in Fire Emblem history.

Why It Sucks

  1. Being a Desert level, all of the player ally units, except thieves, flying units and mounted units except of Troubadours and Valkyries will have a cost of 2 movement (4 in the case of the already-slow armored units, though you might not use them eitherway because most of them suck) whenever they cross a Desert Space.
  2. Remember Battle Before Dawn's Fog Of War? Well, it's used here as well, making an already slow level even slower.
  3. At the beginning of the level, the player character will get two units, who won't be of much help here. Cecilia, as a Valkyrie, is really useful because of her ability to wield both staves and A-rank Anima tomes, though she's affected by the desert movement penalty and her stats aren't that special (though not terrible). The Shaman Sophia, on the other hand, is probably one of, if not the worst unit in the series. Her bases would be awful even in the first level (even worse here considering Arcadia is halfway through the game), her growths are nice but barely ever make up for her terrible bases and her Constitution is so bad that even Flux (the most basic dark tome) is heavy for her, so her already terrible 4 base speed will be reduced by 2, affecting her evasion chance and making her more susceptible to doubles if she has 5 less speed than the enemy. Besides, Dark Magic, despite being powerful, is really inaccurate, so Sophia might have a hard time hitting stuff (even Anima mages in this chapter, against which she has weapon advantage).
  4. Roy, the main lord, at this point of the game, isn't a skilled Roy because of his lackluster stats and the fact he doesn't have the Binding Blade (which is the best weapon in the series hands down), so he'll be a deadweight you have to carry in order to seize the throne in the upper right corner and finish this chapter.
  5. This level is one of those which have to be beaten under a specific requirement in order to get to one of the gaiden chapters, which are mandatory in order to get the true ending (because after defeating Zephiel, the normal ending sucks), in this case being beating the chapter in less than 25 turns while keeping Sophia alive (easier said than done). To add insult to injury, the game REMOVES THE FOG OF WAR AFTER 25 TURNS.
  6. See those blue squares in the map? Well, if a unit stands over those areas, they'll have a 1 out of 9 chance (100% for thieves and Sophia in the Guiding Ring square, who is the only unit who can get that one) of getting that item. Despite some of the items being good, especially the Silver Card, which halves the weapons' prices at shops, the Boots, which give +1 movement to a unit and the Guiding Ring, which can promote Shamans, Mages, Priests and Troubadours at Level 10 or higher, you can lose valuable turns by moving units out of their way to get them (and given that it's Fog Of War, they can get ambushed) and, unless they are thieves or Sophia, it's luck-based.
  7. After Turn 7, a group of Bandits and two Berserkers (their leaders) will show up (along more bandits in the subsequent 3 turns), which can be a pain to deal with (especially the Berserkers).

Redeeming qualities

  1. Aside from the berserkers, the boss and the wyvern riders (due to being flying units with high movement), the enemies aren't a big deal.
  2. The gaiden chapter rewards you with Forblaze.
  3. If you like Sophia there is a good opportunity to train her here (though beware of the turn limit).
  4. The items are really useful if you happen to get them.