Arid Sands - Night Act 1 (Sonic Unleashed)

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Not as bad as Eggmanland, but still pretty difficult.

Arid Sands - Night Act 1 is a level from Sonic Unleashed, it is a level that takes place in Shamar, the fifth area of the game. It is the second stage of Arid Sands, the fifth Werehog stage and is overall the tenth level of the game.

Night Act 1 has been infamous by fans for its extreme difficulty spike, and much like Eggmanland in the same game, it is often considered as one of the hardest stages in Sonic Unleashed, some of which even say that its even HARDER then Eggmanland, but for wrong reasons.

Why This Stage Sucks

  1. This act is a MASSIVE difficulty spike, as this is a stage that appears mid-way in the game, so by this time you still won't have the best abilities.
  2. This stage introduce a new kind of enemy, Fire Masters, who are massive pains as in order to deal damage to them while out getting burned, you have to put out their fire shield by throwing water barrels at them.
  3. In order to progress the stage, you have to defeat the enemies, which is easyer said then done as every segment has Fire Masters and other enemies.
  4. A nasty enemy combination that Shamar Arid Sands Night Act 1 love to pull off is Fire Master pared up with Killer Bees/Red Killer Bees, so good luck trying to throw water barrels at the Fire Wizards while avoiding/also trying to defeat the Killer Bees/Red Killer Bees.
    1. On the subject of the Killer Bees/Red Killer Bees, they are also SUPER comming as you will also be fighting them, and they are a huge pain.
  5. Very poor check-point placements.
  6. The penultimate segment is even cruel as their are no water pits to dive in when you get hit by the Fire Masters' attacks, and there are also few water barrels, so if you run out, you'll have no choice but to tank the burn hits.
  7. There's an EXTREMELY evil trap that is place somewhat mid-way near the end the stage, where if the player enters the stairs with the ring, they have to fight TEN waves of enemies, this segment also hides one of the Sun Medals, so if going for 100%, Players will have to go through that segment.
  8. Before the end goal, you have to beat The Titan who is pair up with not one, but THREE versions of the Masters, which can be a real pain after all you've been put though, so its nothing more then the stage given out one big middle finger to the player.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The stage layout is interesting.
  2. The theme for Arid Sands is good.