At the Dog Track & A Desperate Race (Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus)

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At the Dog track is the second level in the second world and A Desperate Race is the eighth level in the fourth world in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. This is the first time you will be controlling the van. In this race, you must go around the track three times, and be in first place after the third lap.

Why They Suck

  1. Among of all the levels in the first Sly Cooper, both of the Murray races are the most frustrating parts of the game, due in part to the loose physics of the car and the tight track design making it really difficult to pass up the other racers, much less hold the lead.
  2. Whenever you touch the track design the van slows to a complete crawl.
  3. The other racers can steal the nitro boosts from you but never use them.
  4. The controls are limited where you can only use the left analog stick to drive the van and the square button to use the nitro boosts.
  5. Every time you try to make a turn at the corners of the track the van slows down meaning you have to use the nitro boosts at the corners as much as possible in order to regain your speed.
  6. The other racers are prone from driving flawlessly to the point where it has a rubberband ai.
  7. Even if you drive just fine and not use the nitro boosts properly you will not catch up to the other racers and win the race.
  8. Bumping into other racers causes you and your opponents vehicle to slow down.
  9. The controls are floppy at best, its easy to get stuck on pieces of the environment and slow to a complete crawl.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The music in this level is catchy as the both levels shared Maggshot as his boss theme.
  2. The Gangster Dogs/Monkeys thankfully doesn't use the nitro boosts.


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