Autosave Glitch (Jak X: Combat Racing)

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The Autosave Glitch is a game breaking glitch in Jak X: Combat Racing which causes the game to not finish automatically saving the game, potentially leading to corrupted save data. This glitch is said to occur most commonly on Sony's PlayStation 2, specifically the Slimline models.

How To Activate

The glitch will randomly occur when the game is saving automatically.


This glitch will cause the game to not save correctly. The autosave symbol will blink on and off indefinitely when the glitch occurs. Sometimes the game will no longer load and must be reset, while at other times the game will continue to run as normal. This glitch can potentially corrupt the Jak X save data, and cause it to be unable to be loaded. The glitch can cause the corrupted saved data to be impossible to delete, causing you to lose 984 kilobytes of free space on the memory card.

How To Fix/Prevent

There is no way to actually fix the issue, but the Greatest Hits version of the game is reported to have this glitch fixed.

A workaround is to take out the memory card out after the game has successfully loaded and continue play as usual, as the autosave cannot function without a memory card inserted into the system. When players need to save their game, they can return to the menu, replace the memory card, and save Jak X manually. The memory card should then be removed once the save process is complete if continued play is desired.

Why It Sucks

  1. This can cause the game save data to be corrupted, causing you to lose all progress in the game.
  2. In rare cases the corrupted data can't be deleted, except if the memory card is reformatted.
  3. This glitch, unlike most glitches is bound to certain models of the PS2, which means unlike other glitches, it may or may not proc on your PS2 model, depending which one you have.


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