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You'll be happy when they grow up. When they're grown up, and can't pester you any more!

Babies are a gameplay element in the game Tomodachi Life. You can care for it until it grows up.

However, caring for these things can be very annoying, tedious, and frustrating.

Why They Suck

  1. They cry. A lot. It can be very aggravating listening to that when caring for them, and can lead to one giving up.
  2. It takes forever to stop trying to cheer up the baby if you play the minigame, and win or lose, all you get is a gift to use on a Mii. (Age-o-matic, Bath set, etc.)
  3. Sometimes, the parents will call the player to care for the baby saying "{Mii} just won't stop crying.", and it is unskippable. This is especially a problem if your 3DS has a low battery and you really need to save.
  4. Sometimes, when the baby is first born, it can look odd, ugly, or like the opposite gender. For example, a baby girl may look like a boy, or a baby boy may have makeup. (Though, this can be blamed on the fact that the game tries to make your baby look like a mashup of your mii couple.)
    • However, their appearances can be altered.
  5. If playing on an emulator, your game will usually crash, as caring for babies has features only a 3DS can handle.
  6. Once a baby grows up, you can send it off to be a traveler. However, there is a very high chance of the traveler getting erased, as a player may delete their save file, or reach the limit for travelers, which deletes the traveler.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As said before, grownup babies can be used to exchange travelers in between islands via StreetPass, and only grownup babies can be travelers, not Islanders.
    • They can also live on your island once they grow up, if you don't like StreetPass or want them to live on your island.
  2. If a couple has a baby on Tomodachi Life, they cannot divorce for 6 days, and this is the only way to prevent divorces.
  3. A baby's personality and name are fully customizable.
  4. You can toggle babies on or off in the settings menu of the town hall.
  5. Once they are almost grown-up, they cry less and are less needy.


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