Baby Bowser Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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The Baby Bowser Spirit Battle is a Legend-Type spirit battle in the Spirits Mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that pits the player character against 2 Bowser AIs. It is hated and is considered one of the worst matches in-game due to its high difficulty.

Before Sothis, here comes this garbage due to the overflowing lavas.

Why It's A Mean Baby

  1. The First and Small Bowser is annoying.
  2. All of the Stage is covered in lava, making it infuriating to KO the Bowser.
  3. After the Small Bowser is KO’d, the 2nd Bowser appears and he is giant and possesses Super Armor, making him more infuriating to knock out.
  4. Also, since the Bowser is giant, he can cheaply KO the player character with 3 or 4 of his smash attacks.
  5. The stage is Find Mii's Omega Form, which is completely small, like the Knuckle Joe spirit battle.
  6. Wasted Potential: Even though Bowser was a decent choice for the AI, Bowser. Jr could have worked better, as he looks closer to Baby Bowser

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's worth sparing from the unbearable pain since it is a Neutral-Type. It also becomes powerful at Lvl. 99.
  2. The Bowsers have 100 HP which is less than the Player character’s 120 HP.


  1. Since Greninja's DAir makes him bounce off the opponent if it lands, you can use it to do damage to the Bowsers again and again, especially Giant Bowser.
  2. With Spirits, Equip Spirits with Giant Killer and Lava Floor Immunity.