Balloon missions (Spider-Man 2)

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The balloon missions are a small side mission in Spider-Man 2,

My Balloon!

While Spider-Man 2 is a awesome game, these missions have been hated for how frustrating they are

Why These Missions Should Be Lost

  1. Sometimes, you are trying to explore the city and swing around, but you keep on triggering these missions when you run into the kids that activate them.
  2. The balloons themselves are extremely tiny, making them hard to grab. Worst part is the string that holds them is barely visible at times.
  3. Sometimes, they even trigger when you are doing a TIMED MISSION. Shouldn't they stop when you are doing a timed mission?
  4. Sometimes when the balloon is out of reach/gone for good, the kid that lost it will cry in the most ear piercing voice ever.
  5. Since Spidey is so fast when he web swings, you can barely even reach the balloons at times.
  6. If you don't know how to wall sprint or do other techniques, the missions are uncompletable.
  7. Sometimes the kid will still whine even if you go far away from them.
  8. You will trigger them often if you are just exploring the city.
  9. Worst of all, there is barely any reward for rescuing them, as all you get is the kid being happy, and a small amount of Hero Points

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Skilled players and professionals, and maybe some regular players might have no trouble grabbing the balloons.
  2. Sometimes, if you do watch the kid cry for a while, the parent will just leave the kid and go someplace else, which can be funny.
  3. Thankfully, the missions are optional
  4. Marvel has referenced this mission a few times, such as in Ultimate Spider-Man, Venom can a kid holding a balloon, in Marvel's Spider-Man, there is a small drawing that references this mission, and the mission has even been referenced in one of the comics.