Battle Pass 21: Stage Style: Gardevoir (Pokemon UNITE)

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Seriously TiMi, you make a Battle Pass for a Pokemon who already has one?!

Battle Pass 21: Stage Style: Gardevoir is the 21st season of Battle Pass in Pokemon UNITE. This battle pass is infamous for using a Pokemon that has already been given in the previous battle pass; in this case, Aurora Style: Gardevoir and it is considered as one of the worst Battle Pass seasons in this game.

Why This Battle Pass Should Get Booed Off This Stage

  1. To Get Booed Off The Stage: This battle pass is infamous for using a Pokemon that has already been given at that time; which was Aurora Style: Gardevoir, with that battle pass being better than this one.
  2. Missed Opportunities:
    • The execution could have done better if it goes to Leafeon since it has ONE holowear (Checkered style), instead of Gardevoir. While the secondary Pokemon should not go to Snorlax, but rather Zoroark or Mimikyu, since it has a wooping 14 of them.
    • Like the other battle passes during the post-Elegant Style: Mew battle pass, it does not include any free holowears exclusive to events, which is disappointing since players could get more of them to collect them as their favorites or for aesthetic purposes.
    • Also, no new special events are being added during that time, like Full-Fury Battle in Mer Stadium, which could gain more rewards instead of boring rewards like special frame that is inferior to the one in Battle Pass and a special background.
  3. Speaking of the events, players have to complete generic missions by playing in certain battles, which makes them boring and makes rewards more pointless as it was on 2022.
  4. In its trailer, when Gardevoir prepares to score, it has a high-pitch sound, although this one is an error.
  5. As usual, if players want to unlock items given in the Battle Pass, they must buy Aeos Gems in the Nintendo eShop, App Store, or Google Play to buy them with real money and unlock the Premium Pass and Premium Pass Plus for 490 and 890 Aeos Gems respectively. This shows that TiMi or Tencent relies on money than quality of the other games, especially this one.
  6. To sum it up, this Battle Pass is completely pointless and players would have just not buy the Premium Passes instead.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The designs of this Battle Pass (holowears, outfits, frames, snapshot backgrounds, stickers, and short cutscenes before the battle) are decent to look at.


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