Battle Royal (Pokémon Sun & Moon and Ultra Sun & Moon)

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A great idea? Yes. A great mechanic? Different story...

The Battle Royal is a segment from the game Pokemon Sun & Moon and Ultra Sun & Moon, along with the Battle Tree, the Battle Royal is infamous by Players for being extremely frustrating, thus is considered by many fans to be one of the most frustrating parts of the game, in fact, of the two, fans declared the Battle Royal to be worst then the Battle Tree.


In the Battle Royal, all four Trainers will battle each other, the main goal of this area is to obtain three stars on your side, the player will either have to beat all three of one of the trainers' Pokemon, or just beat three of the Trainers' Pokemon.

The Reasons Why It Sucks

  1. Over-Brains A.I: The A.I of the trainers is far more advance then original trainer battles.
  2. Defense Spam: The Trainer A.Is are often cowards and will most of the time counter you by spamming defensive abilities (like Protect, Substitute or Detect), preventing the Pokémon from Elio/Selene's team from even laying a single hit on them.
  3. Ambushing the Player: Sometimes, all three of the trainer A.Is will ambush you (The Player) with powerful hard hitting attacks, taking out your Pokemon with little to no effort.
  4. Type Disadvantages: You (As Elio/Selense) could have a Pokemon that is weak to all three of the A.I Trainers' Pokemon, making them waste a turn by return the Pokemon to have an advantage.
  5. Unfair Advantages: Sometimes the Trainer A.I will have an unfair advantage, the most infamous example is that Trainer A.Is (most notable when playing this level in Master Rank Mode) can have Pokemon Mega Evolve!!!
  6. Stealing the Kill: As stated before, you must defeat a Pokemon to score a point, but the A.I Trainers could defeat that Pokemon that you were after, causing you a turn.
  7. Due to these statements above, this entire area is nothing but trial and error and will require pure luck to even win, even on normal mode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. While pure frustrating, at least the music's nice.
  2. This area is optional, so it isn't required to beat the game.
  3. The concept of a 4-way battle between Pokémon is creative.
  4. If you beat the Battle Royal, you get Battle Points (BP for short), which will allow you to get some pretty cool prizes.