Beat Zico (Wipeout HD/Omega Collection)

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Beat Zico is a Gold trophy for Wipeout HD and in Wipeout Omega Collection. To earn the trophy, you must match or beat the lap time of 30.82 on Anulpha Pass (Forward), Speed Lap and Venom Class using the Piranha ship (original or Fury).

It is one of the most notoriously difficult, if not impossible, trophy to earn, as it is heavily emphasized on luck; it doesn't matter if you're immensely skilled, you will almost always be nowhere close in beating or matching the lap time without losing your sanity.

Why Zico Remains Unbeaten

  • As explained, Beat Zico is one of the most notoriously difficult trophy to earn, if not impossible, given the slow nature of Venom class, and Piranha being quite difficult to master, along with it being highly reliant on luck instead of perfect racing skill. Even it's Fury variant, despite its upgraded stats, offer NO BENEFITS in ever improving the lap time whatsoever, no matter how good you really are. Although you do need to time your barrel rolls correctly, along with getting correct racing lines, you are nowhere close in getting a better or equal lap time, making this one of the most hated trophies to earn due to its nigh-impossible lap time that requires an insane amount of luck regardless of near-perfect driving skill, therefore not worth earning a Platinum trophy.
    • Sadly, even HellfireWZ's walkthrough does not help in the slightest because of its luck-based nature in getting a far better lap time. That means trying to be as completely flawless as possible and still not get anywhere close to that specific lap time.