Bed of Chaos (Dark Souls)

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It really is chaotic, but not in a good way.

The Bed of Chaos is a boss from the action-RPG game Dark Souls. It is considered one of the hardest but worst bosses of the series.

Why It's Chaotic (in a bad way)

  1. The boss itself is a puzzle and the battle relies more on puzzle solving rather than strategy and combat.
  2. The boss has a wide array of devastating attacks, one of them being a sweep attack that can knock you into a pit and thus kill the player character.
  3. Once you destroy one of the cores, the boss gets new attacks, such as having flame scythe arms and being able to conjure fire pillars, both of which are hard to avoid and can do crazy amounts of damage.
  4. Every time you die, you have to walk a long distance and avoid powerful enemies, just to be knocked into a pit by the boss over and over again.
  5. The boss is so difficult, poorly designed, and poorly executed that even the game developers had to apologise for it.
  6. The final phase of the fight consists of the player character dropping into a root and transverse it into the monster´s core, however you can hardly see where to drop when the boss uses a sweep attack and knock you into a pit or you fall to your death because you can´t see where to drop properly.
  7. After all you went through, you can enter inside the boss, you are then greeted by a small slug-like creature, and you defeat it in one hit and the battle is won, this is especially enraging as Dark Souls was meant to be a hard game, so to have a hard boss that goes down in one hit is just off-putting.
  8. The boss has become widely hated and very infamous due to the amount of cheap deaths players have experienced with this boss.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The boss has two cores, which must be destroyed, and once you do the damage is kept, so you don't have to repeat the process if you die.
  2. It's at least different.
  3. The boss' theme is very good.
  4. The boss itself is very cool looking and intimidating, looking like something out of a horror movie.