Big Wave Beach (Plants vs. Zombies 2)

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Big Wave Beach is a Five-Jalapenos dificulty world in Plants vs. Zombies 2 and is considered the hardest world along with Modern Day.

The name Big Wave Beach it is not a reference to the beach, it's a reference to the waves of difficulty of this world!

Why This Beach Doesn't Have Any Big Waves

  1. Water (despite not being all bad) is a frustrating mechanic, because they don't allow you to plant without a Lily Pad.
    • Even with that underground plants can't be planted in Lily Pads (however, it is justified because underground plants can't dig in a Lily Pad)
  2. The ambush of this world (Low Tide) spams a ANY Beach Wave Beach zombie (except Fisherman Zombie) in ex-water tiles.
  3. Zombies of this world are annoying:
    • Snorkel Zombie dives and protects itself from attacks.
    • Surfer Zombie surfs fast in water and in earth uses his surf to kill any plant in front of him. If you kill him, his surf table also act like a tombstone (blocking atacks).
    • Fisherman Zombies sit at the back and reel in your plants to drown them and does not go forward making it hard to get to kill
    • Deep Sea Gargantuar just a reskin of the original, visit his article for more information
    • Octo Zombie, considered the worst zombie of all the game, throws his Octopus to the plants, but unlike Wizard Zombie, Octopus act as obstacles, Octo Zombie throws Octopis to the plants making destroying it almost impossible. Adding insult to injury, the octopus do not die when you defeat him.
  4. Plants of this level are not powerful:
    • Lily Pads are only for putting plants in water
    • Tangle Kelp destroys a zombie in the water if touched and becomes useless very early. To make matters worse, it sometimes does not work.
    • Bowling Bulb is weak in his first levels and also, when all the bulbs are gone it only gives you the weakest one which is cyan (although if leveled up it gives you the orange or blue ones more often).
    • Guacodile, although awesome, is impractical
    • Banana Launcher, proclaimed as a Cob Cannon replacement, is able to shoot a banana but however, takes a long time to recharge and even costs a whopping 500. Yes, we are not kidding.
    • Chomper, sold as a premium plant is mediocre as in the first game and the worst is the main problematic zombies can kill it without approaching.
  5. Zombot Sharktronic Sub is a difficult boss who spams dangerous zombies and destroys plants with his mouth.

2 Reason that this Beach have Big Waves

  1. The idea of a level in a beach is good, But it was Poorly executed.
    • The music is pretty good too.
  2. There are some good plants:
    • Homing Thistle shoots radiocontrolled spikes to the zombies, but unlike Cattail, he does not need a Lily Pad.
    • Ghost Pepper can attack zombies without being attacked.