Bio-Weapon (Plague Inc: Cure Mode)

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The Bio-Weapon is a standard disease in Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved.In the Cure Mode, it is infamous for being one of the most difficult disease in the game, tied with Prion, Nano-virus and Fungus.

Bio-Weapon (Plague Inc: Cure Mode)
You will definitely wish that the Bio-Weapon in the Main Game is this OP
Type: Puzzle/Strategy
Appearance: Plague Inc. and Plague Inc. Evolved
Difficulty: Unfair and Nightmarish
Franchise: Plague Inc.
Previous Level: Nano-Virus

Note: Everything below will include the Bio-Weapon in the Cure Mode only,as the Main Game Bio-Weapon is overall balanced and shouldn't be included.

Why It Sucks

  1. The plague already start with a high Infectivity and Lethality means it already spread like wildfire. If that wasn't bad enough, it increase Infectivity and Lethality every time a new country is infected, meaning it gets stronger and stronger the more it escape from its home country
  2. Because of its never-ending spread and death rate, on difficulty such as Brutal of Mega Brutal,a vaccine is useless,the only way to win (especially on Mega Brutal) is to confine the continent it is found,the use the "Extreme Measures" on the bottleneck countries,and wait till the disease burn itself out.
    • To made matter worse, the only way to win is by locking it into either South or North America as any other continent just not feel reliable.
    • And even if you successful in the first step,it's not like the chance of winning is 100% as you have very little time to counterattack,all those widespread,deaths and panic will deplete a huge portion of Authority,and fewer people infected mean fewer resources to counter this.
  3. It's so hard that even long-time veteran Pravus Gaming rants about it in his video.Judge by his expression,it is clearly he never ever wants to play this ever again.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite it's difficulty, it has a silly way of beating it on all but Mega Brutal.
    • To do this,one just focus every resource they have on Authority boost,Censorship,Fake News while not even bother tried to stop the disease and all infected will eventually die,lead to the disease burn itself out.
    • It doesn't work on Mega Brutal because 1% recovered people revert back to being healthy and Censorship,Fake News end faster.
  2. Some player see the Prion is harder than the Bio-Weapon.
  3. At least you have Declare Armageddon,which is a huge Authority boost,and a Authority boost on all Authority protocol
    • Additionally,you have Extreme Measures which let you kill the infected,meaning you can kill the infected if they escape from their country. It reduce Authority and increase Non-Compliance though.


Recommended Advisors

  • Airport Controller
  • Celebrity Scientist
  • Strategic Fundraiser
  • Fast Response EMTs
  • Medical Coordinator

Casual - Brutal

  1. Start in Caribbean.
  2. Fund Investigate Outbreaks,Government Partnerships and Deploy Field Operative.
  3. Send your Field Operative to Canada,USA,Brazil,West Africa,Germany,China,Australia and Saudi Arabia till you found the disease
  4. Fund Declare Armageddon,Authority 1,2,3 and Censorship,Fake News.Do this till the disease burn itself out.
  5. Congratulation, you win

Mega Brutal

  1. Start in Caribbean.
  2. Fund Investigate Outbreaks,Government Partnerships and Deploy Field Operative.
  3. Send your Field Operative to either South America or North America.If it is found there and do not get out of its home continent,continue.If it doesn't,restart.
  4. Shutdown all airports, seaports and land borders there.
  5. Fund Declare Armageddon,Expectation Management and Extreme Measures 1,2
  6. While doing step 5, fund Furlough Schemes if Non-Compliance get too high.
  7. Focus your money on Authority and Anti Non-Compliance.
  8. If the disease infect any other countries outside the continent,send your Field Operative there to kill the infected.This must be quick before the infection boom. (In case it did, shutdown the continent that countries is in)
  9. Send your Field Operative to kill the last infected.
  10. Congratulation, you win (barely)




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