Black Jewel (Wario World)

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How did we go from a giant dinosaur, a two headed dragon, a large humanoid bull and a pirate to this?

The Black Jewel is the main antagonist and boss fight of Wario World. He is the main boss of the hub world, is the fifth and final major boss and overall the thirteenth and final boss of the game.

While not terrible, the Black Jewel has been generally disliked by fans for its qualities.

Why It Sucks

  1. The Black Jewel has a bland appearance. It's literally a black jewel with tentacles and a single eye. Come on, the Dark Star (mind you, years later in Mario & Luigi: Bower's Inside Story) was a black star on a ball with spikes, and it looked MUCH better than this!
  2. Very repetitive battle, all you (As Wario) do is hit five crystals to weaken the Black Jewel so that you can damage it, rinse and repeat.
  3. The Black Jewel only has three attacks, but they're all very annoying and boring: shooting fire lasers from its eye that can create fire pillars, creating shock waves, and launching fireballs from its eye.
  4. Most (if not all) of the Black Jewel's attacks can be easily avoided.
  5. Due to the large arena you fight in, it makes it very easy to avoid most of the Black Jewel's attacks.
  6. Despite being the final boss, the Black Jewel does chip damage.
  7. It takes eight hits to defeat the Black Jewel, so be prepare for a long (or quick?) battle.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Awesome music.
  2. Really solid atmosphere.
  3. The developers knew that this boss battle would be criticized by fans for its repetitive and easy difficulty, because the Japanese version of Wario World (which was created the following year) made the fight MUCH better.


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