Blinky (Pac-Man World 2)

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Haunted by mischievous ghosts? Spooky. Haunted by a ghost deadlier than its legendary leader, who also happens to be the final boss? Nightmare fuel.

Blinky is a character from the Pac-Man franchise and is one of the bosses of Pac-Man World 2. He is the main boss of the Volcano level and is overall the fourth boss fight of the game.

While not as bad as Anubis Rex, this boss fight is widely infamous for its cruel difficulty.

Why He's Difficult To Beat

NOTE: This will only cover the flaws with the boss level since the character is still likable.

  1. Much like Inky and Pinky, Blinky rides a ghost-shaped mech, but unlike Inky and Pinky, you (as Pac-Man) can not damage it by Rev-Rolling its body.
  2. The only way to damage Blinky is by waiting until the ghost mech is down low enough to Butt-Bounce on the cock-pit, which is easier said than done.
  3. The arena is rather small, which makes it hard to avoid the attacks on top of the lava surroundings that kills Pac-Man should you fall in.
  4. Blinky's mech can launch out a barrage of fireballs from its mouth which are hard to avoid, and the worst part is, he can sometimes launch out two, or even three fireballs at once! And even worse, Blinky’s mech can launch them in a fast rate of fire, making them even harder to avoid.
  5. The fireballs are so strong, that sometimes, the fireballs can send you flying out of the arena, especially when you're jumping.
  6. Blinky shoots so many fireballs, that the framerate can actually drop badly.
  7. They can leave out flames on the ground, meaning that if you touch it, you take damage.
  8. Sometimes, the Rev-Roll will glitch up during the battle, so you might end up falling into the lava below.
  9. Blinky takes ten hits to be defeated, so be prepared for a long battle.
  10. Sometimes without warning, Blinky can fly though the arena to either damage you with jet flames, or attempt to push you off the arena.
  11. Much like the previous bosses in this game, if you lose all of your lives, you have to start the entire fight all over again.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Blinky's mech has a pretty cool design, even though it shares the same appearance as both Inky's and Pinky's mech.
  2. Awesome and intense music.
  3. The arena is intense and quite nice to look at.


  1. There is a possible way to avoid the fireballs; stand still without touching a single button, the fireballs will go though Pac-Man's hit box without damaging him.
  2. Bring plenty of lives with you. You'll need them.


  • The names of Blinky and Clyde below their health bars are reversed due to an error on Namco's part. This error also appears in Pac-Man World 3.
  • Top Ten Youtuber Fawful's Minion in his "Top Ten Killjoys In Video Games" had once stated that during a recent practice run, he lost 62 lives before rage quitting.