Balan Wonderworld Costumes to add to this wiki:

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We already have the infamous Box Fox on this wiki, here are more Balan costumes we should add to this wiki:

Lucky Egg—A costume themed after a chicken in an egg that attracts the game’s currency towards you, but you lose it when you fall or jump. It has been made useless by the Lucky Bird costume, which has the same ability, only you can’t lose it from falling or jumping. The Lucky Egg feels like it was only created to pad out the costume amount to 80.

Iron Apollo—A rocket costume that moves at the speed of a sloth and blasts off very slowly, it feels you’re watching a slideshow or playing a Game & Watch game.

Key Mouse—A mouse costume that unlocks other costumes without the need for keys, this costume might have been the reason why the costume key mechanic was added, for another costume added to pad out the costume amount.

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