Eerie Staircase (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon)

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Note: This page only talks about the first segment of Tree Topping mission from the game!

Eerie Staircase is the fourth-fifth floor of Haunted Towers in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (also know as Luigi's Mansion 2) for Nintendo 3DS, it's only available in Tree Topping mission. It's about choosing the staircases, the correct choice allows the player to continue, the wrong choice makes the player go all way back to the starting point.

Oh joy, I love not knowing which stairs to go up, meaning I slide down everytime, meaning I have to walk up the goddamn stairs all over again. So fun. - Charriii5

Why It Sucks

  1. It's impossible to always choose the correct stairs, not helping is trying to figure out the difference from the far away staircases until all the blue torches come back.
  2. It is actually required to fail just for the game to show the staircases without blue torches, seems like impossible wasn't the wrong word for it in WIS#1.
  3. It's a long path to reach the top, which makes going back to the starting point after each fail even more tedious.
  4. Everytime a wrong staircase is chosen, one of 3 ghosts (a Greenie, a Slammer and a Sneaker) will always laugh while following Luigi, and they don't shut up until he finally stops falling.
  5. The rats are pointless hazards which appears out of nowhere, they are easy to dodge but can distract from trying to choose the correct staircases.
  6. The other boss missions let Luigi start near or exactly in the fight locations, so this feels like a time waster than anything (maybe E. Gadd wanted enough time to let his popcorn ready and did it on purpose, who knows?).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Red fire torches appears in the correct staircases after being chosen once.
  2. The rest of the mission becomes better when reaching the top.


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