Bomb Da Base Act II (Grand Theft Auto III)

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Bomb Da Base: Act II is a mission in Mh:awesomegames:Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by explosives expert 8-Ball from his shop in Harwood, Portland, Liberty City.


Salvatore Leone informs Claude that the Colombian Cartel have an almost infinite amount of funds from selling SPANK throughout the city, and that he wants Claude to destroy the freighter docked in Portland Harbor being used by the Cartel to manufacture SPANK, Salvatore tells Claude to see explosives expert 8-Ball at his shop to get the explosives necessary.

8-Ball, knowing about the meeting after a phone call from Salvatore Leone, tells Claude that he needs $100,000 for the explosives and tells Claude to return when he has the money. After obtaining the necessary money, Claude returns to 8-Ball's and the two head to Portland Harbor. 8-Ball gives Claude a sniper rifle since his hands are still too badly injured to use a weapon himself.

Why 8-Ball Shouldn't Be Iced

  1. For starters, this mission is an insane difficulty spike in where you must kill the Colombian Cartel using a sniper rifle while protecting 8-Ball while he puts explosives in a Les Cargo freighter. The main problem is that the controls are overly sensitive especially in consoles making it difficult to aim properly.
  2. You must pay $100,000 to access this mission, if you fail, you lose the money you spent and you must repay.
  3. The mobile version is even harder than the PC/console versions due to the clunky and complicated controls making the mission even more frustrating.
  4. The Colombian Cartel wield M16 rifles which is a extremely damaging weapon which kills 8-Ball instantly. However in the mobile versions as well as The Definitive Edition wield only AK-47 but it is still difficult to deal with it due to being assault rifles.
  5. Attempting to kill the Colombian Cartel members up front before finding the vantage point will result in you instantly failing the mission.


  • Have a Rocket Launcher and blast off the Colombian Cartel. However you cannot get a Rocket Launcher early without activating the Weapon Cheat. It is strongly recommended that do not activate the cheat in The Definitive Edition because this causes the game to block trophies/achievements.
  • Speaking of The Definitive Edition, there's a adrenaline pill in which slows down the time and you can shoot the Colombian Cartel in the boat but make sure you have full health (recommended the 125 if Claude has sex with a prostitute) and full armor because their AK-47 aren't too much powerful compared to the M16 assault rifles in the original versions which instantly kill you.
  • Another way to pass this mission (especially in mobile versions) is place two vehicles over 8-Ball so he can't pass it and the Colombian Cartel are frozen so you can shoot easily. Alternatively you can slowly run over him with your vehicle and make sure he is still below the vehicle.
  • As mentioned in #W8BSBI it is strongly recommended to load the game every time you fail.


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