Boobeam Trap (Mega Man 2)

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Boobeam Trap (Mega Man 2)
Admit it, you wanted to fight a deadly machine, not a puzzle boss!
Type: Boss
Appearance: mh:awesomegames:Mega Man 2
Franchise: Mega Man
Previous Level: Guts Dozer
Next Level: Robot Master rematches and Wily Machine 2

The Boobeam Trap is the boss of the fourth Wily stage from Mega Man 2. After facing a dragon, a security system, and a giant Guts Dozer, Mega Man goes through the level to fight a boss with a very infamous gimmick.

Why It Sucks

  1. The boss idea is stupid: it's really just a set of five orbs that fire small light pink colored energy balls, considering that this takes place after a boss battle against a freaking Guts Dozer, that says a lot.
  2. The fight is a puzzle where you have to take out five orbs on the wall, each orb is in different positions. Which is easier said than done.
  3. The orbs go bullet hell with almost unavoidable energy balls every few seconds.
  4. The only weapon that can destroy the orbs (and the walls protecting them) is the Crash Bomb, which you only have seven shots available.
  5. Most of the breakable walls are just there to trick Mega Man into wasting his ammo.
  6. If you run out of crash bombs, you have to let the boss kill you and then waste even more time getting all of that ammo back before facing the boss again.
  7. Due to the limitations of the NES, the amount of moving objects on screen causes the game to flicker and lag, which makes this boss fight all the more annoying. It gets less bad as you destroy the walls and orbs though.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The walls (thankfully) do not respawn if you die.
  2. In the Megaman Legacy Collection, you have been granted a save point at will, so you can save before the boss fight, and if you run out of Crash Bombs, you can restart your file before the Boobeam Trap boss, and thus regain all ammo for your Crash Bomber.
  3. A fangame called Megaman Maker gives this boss able to hit every weapon less immunity.


  • Do not break the walls with the Crash Bomber, use Item 2 or 3 to rise up to get to the Boobeam Trap.
  • There is a trick to avoid the energy balls, and that's by pausing right before the the shots can hit you.