CP Dustbowl (Team Fortress 2)

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One of the most nostalgic TF2 maps. However, nostalgia does not mean the map is good.

Dustbowl is a Control Point map. Dustbowl was one of the six initial maps included with the game's release.

Why It Sucks

  1. The map is full of chokepoints that give the defending RED team a massive advantage over the attacking BLU team. One of the most notorious examples of this is the third map, with literally only one path to the first point.
  2. Defending Engineers are rife across the map, with many places and elevations for Sentry Guns to cover the control points. Sentry Guns on the balcony in the third map can lock whole areas down. Sentry guns on the shack infront of BLU's second spawn can lock down the whole area.
  3. The lack of viable flank routes, such as the underground tunnel in the third map results in no advantage for the BLU team because it links right back to the main route. It also makes playing Scout and Spy unviable because of the inability to get the jump behind the enemy team.
  4. Spawn Camping, because four of the six spawns in the whole map only have one exit, meaning that if the attacking or defending team is camped, it becomes extremely unfun.
  5. Imbalance of Weapon and Health Pickups, such as an overwhelming large amount of Large Health Pickups without much rhyme or reason, such as a large health-kit right outside BLU's first spawn. On the second map, the RED team can access a shack with two large health-kits and ammo pickup boxes, giving them even more defensive capability. Most maps that have large health-kits only have one, and usually in a hard to reach place, but Dustbowl has not 1 but 10.
  6. Very long Sniper Sightlines, especially on the last points of each map section.
  7. Notorious for long matches that can last over 20 minutes, resulting in a constant tug of war attrition that constantly uses Ubercharges to make any progress. Defending Pyros can however simply airblast Ubercharged players into the pit on the final point.
  8. Some large areas feel empty and lifeless, like the empty square pit next to the final point of the First Map only being used by BLU spies, and the Sniper Balcony being excessively large without much use. This also includes the courtyard on the first point on the Third Map, where the BLU team will not use the majority of the courtyard due to only having one route to go through.
  9. The crammed design of the map leaves little ability for Rocket Jumping and encourages spam through tight corridors.
  10. The map, while having some interesting visuals, appears mostly as red-brown buildings and rock that can visually be unappealing with a lack of visual variety.
  11. The BLU team usually has a forward area with a one way door that allows them to set up for a final assault the final point (First and Second Map), but this encourages the BLU team on using only one part of the map, and ignore the other more crammed and unsafe pathways, limiting the already very limited number of choices to the next control point.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Due to being split into three maps, it does give players a sense of progression, with varying changes. For example, the BLU team first fights in more rural shacks, though a mine system in the second map and finally into an industrial complex in the third map with a giant rocket over the final point.
  2. Can act as a guilty pleasure for many, such as spam and chokepoints providing some fun gameplay and contributes to it's popularity and nostalgia.
  3. Has some interesting niche areas, like the room below the first point in the Second Map can provide as a sneaky teleporter exit for the RED team.
  4. Some visually pleasing areas, like the BLU Spawn Room being set in a mineshaft, or the final RED Spawn Room with a cinema room through the window, along with the presence of technology or mine carts.