CP Junction (Team Fortress 2)

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Junction is an Attack/Defend Control Point map in Team Fortress 2. It was included with the Scout Update as an official community developed map due to its outstanding quality. Its design is similar to Gravel Pit.

The goal for BLU is attacking and must capture all three points in order to win the match. A and B must be captured before C can be. For RED to win, they must hold out and prevent BLU from capturing the final point C. Time is added to the countdown if BLU captures either points A or B in order to buy more time for the capture of point C.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is extremely small, with little room to rocket jump, and lots of cramped spaces.
  2. Most of the classes, except Engineer, Demoman, and Heavy are useless on this map.
  3. The map looks extremely ugly, with poor lighting and no color variety.
  4. Constant rocket and sticky bomb spam, making even navigating the map frustrating.
  5. There are lots of fake doors, 75 to be exact, for no reason.
  6. It is way too chokepoint reliant, which also opens up the doors for constant spam.
  7. Point C is notorious for being impossible to capture, thanks to the fact that usually Point C has more than one sentry built, and you have to go through 2 Ubercharges to even push through last, and this usually ends up in the Red team winning the match.