CTF 2Fort (Team Fortress 2)

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The most infamous map in Team Fortress 2.

2Fort is a Capture the Flag map and the subsequent remake of the Team Fortress Classic map of the same name; these maps are both based on the Team Fortress map 2fort5. 2Fort was the first official CTF map for Team Fortress 2, and was one of the six initial maps included with the game's release.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is usually full of Engineers turtling in the Intel room and Snipers on the balcony. It also has an opportunity for trolling, since you can easily make a trip to the Enemy Intel Room and build a sentry if there aren't any sentries in the room to begin with.
  2. It is also full of Pyrosharks (Pyros using the Neon Annihilator, which deals massive damage to wet opponents) in the sewers, and Engineers can build on the battlements, bridge, and underwater, making them hard to deal with.
  3. Horrible ammo and health distribution.
  4. It is almost impossible to get the intelligence thanks to Engineers turtling in the Intel room.
  5. 2Fort games, similar to Hightower games, last forever, since no one is able to take the Intelligence without Sentries firing at all directions, and the fact that CTF has no time limit makes this even worse.
  6. 2Fort was originally designed for the original Team Fortress, and so doesn't translate terribly well to the vastly different gameplay of TF2, an example being the lack of grenades.
  7. This is the place you will find the most hackers and bots, as its the iconic TF2 map.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The high defensiveness and difficult objective of 2Fort that lends to long games is a good environment for laid back gameplay, experimentation, and other activity that would otherwise detract from rounds on other maps. Though a low level of tension in a round could also be viewed as a bad thing.
  2. Nearly any playstyle can find use here, unlike in other maps, due to having water, tight corridors, and some open areas.
  3. Due to the high level of defensiveness, the map's small nature, and the game not ending until the objective is complete, proper strategizing to some degree is feasible and usually required unlike in other maps where individual efforts are often more rewarding than team effort.