CTF Turbine (Team Fortress 2)

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"What the hell was that crap?" - Scout

Turbine is an official Capture the Flag map in Team Fortress 2. It was released with the Pyro Update. Turbine and Fastlane became the first community created maps to be added to Team Fortress 2 by Valve as official maps due to their outstanding quality.

Why It Sucks

  1. Horrible ammo distrubution similar to 2fort, another bad CTF map. There are only ammo packs right next to spawn. This encourages camping.
  2. There is no actual map design to be found, it is nothing but a fragpit with 2 bases and intel rooms, as well as vents.
    • The spawns are located too close to the intel and there is only one for each team, it can lead to a lot of failed capture attempts thanks to the defending team that just spawned.
    • The middle part is pretty basic, its quite small and there isn't a whole lot of room to dodge.
    • There isn't a whole lot of room for flanking or dodging when you reach the team areas, the hallways are pretty linear with no cover.
  3. It is very bland visually.
  4. As the middle part is where the chaos happens, there is no way to get to the other side without having to enter this area. Other maps in TF2 did give alternate paths to give multiple opportunities to flank or bypass chokepoints. This can be a problem since Snipers, Demomen or Engineers can camp this area easily.
  5. The vents allow players to camp out, which can be really annoying. Due to the very cramped space, it is very hard to counter anyone who approaches.
  6. Speaking of camping, the map encourages nothing but spawncamping. The other team can easily barge into your spawn and kill everyone who dares to step out of the locker room. Teams will often be full of Medics and Heavies (Or other classes like Demoman and Solider) spawncamping, and they will usually be Ubercharging these players to make sure they can't be defeated. Because there is only 1 spawn location per team with it having 2 exits, its pretty easy to get camped and its walls are made with glass so your enemy will know what move you might make.
  7. Engineers will often place lots of sentries in the intel room or on the battlements, which is a pain to deal with. Spies will have a hard time sapping all sentries due to Engineers constantly Spychecking. Demos or Soldiers will have trouble dealing with the well guarded Sentry placement.
  8. While not as bad as 2fort, it is extremely friendly to Snipers, as they can camp out in several areas, such as the deck, the health pack area, and in the hallways, making them even worse than Engineers at times. They also camp in the vents. There isn't really much cover apart from the two huge containers that protect players from snipers above. The entrances are also pretty easy places for snipers to shoot at exiting targets.
  9. It is a very small map, with the bases and corridors being hilarously small. It could have a bit more paths to decrease the amount of stalemates it gets.