Cackletta's Soul (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga)

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Note: This page mainly talks only about the brutal difficulty of the final battle against Cackletta's Soul.

Cackletta's Soul is the third and final form of the evil Beanish witch Cackletta in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and its 3DS remake who serves as the main antagonist and Bowser's possessor as Bowletta and the twenty eighth and final boss of the game.

Cackletta's Soul, while amazing, is notorious for its unfair difficultly. She is regarded as the hardest boss in the game and one of the hardest bosses in the Mario series for the wrong reasons.

Bad Qualities

  1. Right from the start, after being unexpectedly surprise-attacked by a time Bob-omb and ending up in Bowletta's belly, you wake up with ONLY 1 HP and if you don't have enough speed, Cackletta will get the first turn and attacks you multiple times in a row.
  2. This fight comes AFTER Bowletta which means there is no turning back unless you have Max Nuts.
  3. Cackletta's Soul is a difficult boss in terms of unfairness and difficulty.
  4. The worst part is if you get a Game Over against this boss, you get kicked to the final save point forcing you to watch the unskippable cutscene, fight Bowletta again and then get back to Cackletta's Soul.
  5. During the arm swing and spinning fire attacks, they require precise jumping which makes you jump through a lot of hoops that are repeated over and over again.
  6. In the original, it's hard to remember which one of her hands are weak to which one of your Firebrand or Thunderhand moves, use the wrong move and her hands will heal.
  7. Cackletta's Soul has an array of countless lethal attacks that are hard to dodge at a random pattern, and will either use one of these or more.
    • Spinning Cyclone: Cackletta swings her arms at a 360° degree angle going clockwise or counter clockwise as she moves them at a ludicrous speed!
    • Blazing Burn: Cackletta can summon flames from the arena as they circle around you at a fast pace and home in on their position. So you need to keep an eye out for the timing.
    • Shocking Strike: Cackletta summons an orb of electricity to try and shock you. It gets faster when the attack progresses.
    • Giant Energy Ball Drop: Cackletta has an attack where she creates a giant energy ball from her mouth aiming for Mario or Luigi. It's hard with Mario because you can't see it coming but for Luigi you can.
    • Flicked In The Face/Slammed In The Face: Cackletta will attempt to flick you with her hands, and you must hammer them to avoid being hit. In the remake, this attack is replaced by a handslap.
    • Stop! Laser Time!: This attack requires pinpoint dodging since Cackletta literally freezes time before she attacks meaning you have one chance to dodge them or receive damage.
    • I Have Callback!: Cackletta summons an apparition of Fawful spraying energy orbs from his headgear and laughs at you, so you must hit it with the hammer before it shoots more orbs.
    • Energy Ball Storm: Cackletta summons a wave of energy balls that appear at random, making it quite time consuming.
  8. This is a marathon boss fight: by defeating her arms and then her head, the player reveals the boss' heart, which in the same turn, causes all her mssing appendages to return and gives her a free attack on you, combine that with the fact that the heart is only vulnerable for 2 turns and it has a resource of 1200 HP and 1280 HP in the remake!
  9. When Cackletta appears in rage mode, her attacks from before become harder to dodge, stronger and more painful.
  10. The damage you take from attacks is unfair and sadistic, which means you will lose the fight a lot (unless your defense is really high, in which case you might be in a less sticky situation).
  11. This fight eats up your time by requiring strategizing and memorization just for one encounter.
  12. Cackletta's boss design in the 3DS version isn't much better than the GBA version. The 3D model looks really good and she's still scary there, but still.

Good Qualities

  1. Downright hellish atmosphere in both GBA and 3DS versions, which is quite fitting for Cackletta.
  2. Intense music in both versions as it resembles true despair.
  3. Intimidating boss design and demonic ghostly appearance in the GBA version, especially her bloodshot eyes and her own Firebrand and Thunderhand powers, resembling of what Mario and Luigi have.
  4. You can easily defeat her with no problem by leveling up above 40 and having high speed.
  5. Nice callbacks from past bosses in the game: attacking the head first before the arms, Cackletta retaliates, which is similar to the 2 fights with Popple and Rookie when attacking Popple first, taking down various limbs exposing the weak spot similar to the fight with Queen Bean and spawning an apparition of Fawful resembles the first encounter with him.
  6. It is SO SATISFYING when you finally beat her (Serves her right!).
  7. The remake made some changes such as if you lose against this boss, you will give the option to restart the battle as opposed to fighting Bowletta all over again, and it's made very clear which hands are weak to which element due to their colors.
  8. There are some fans who actually really like this boss and find this battle to be amazing.
  9. If the game's difficulty curve did a better job at preparing you for this fight, it would definitely be more bearable.
  10. To be fair, it makes sense for Cackletta to be an OP character, being a witch and all.


  • Bowletta inhaling Mario and Luigi could be considered foreshadowing for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.


  • Before Cackletta shoots lasers, your cue to dodge them is her eyes' positions, so pay attention to them.
  • Pay attention to her eyes during the arm swing move and jump when they're down and vice versa.
  • Max Nuts are highly recommended for healing from the start.


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