Captain Hook (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories)

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Captain Hook is a recurring boss in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. He appears as the boss of Neverland. While most of his fights are pretty enjoyable, his fight in both Chain of Memories and its remake is a different story. While most bosses in that game have ways the player can prepare his deck to better fare against them, there is little you (as Sora) can do to prepare for Hook.

Why He Got His Hand Bitten Off By The Tick Tock Crocodile

  1. He has two tricky enemy cards in his deck. Which one he uses and when he uses them is completely random. Hook's Sea Neon enemy card randomizes the numbers of all his cards, which while a bit irritating isn't too bad.
  2. The fight is practically unpredictable. It can be either insultingly easy, or teeth-grindingly difficult.
  3. His Pirate enemy card turns all of his and your cards into zeros which makes them practically useless while it is in play (unless you’ve unlocked Zantetsuken beforehand), as he will interrupt them and deal damage to you.
  4. Hook is incredibly fast. If he isn't close enough to you, he will sprint towards you and do a combo, dealing a large amount of damage.
  5. Timing is pretty specific with dodge rolling.