Carrying Fainted Bro (Mario & Luigi)

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It's ok worrying about each other, but dodging attacks like this?

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and it's sequels introduced a gimmick where if either Mario or Luigi reaches 0 health points in a battle, the fainted bro gets carried by another one if an enemy or boss does an attack, thus making it a lot difficult to dodge or counter-attack.

Why It Should Not Carry Anything

  1. Starting with a question: why don't they just let the fainted bro outside of the screen? It's not like the enemy or boss attacks the fainted character anyway.
  2. Adding to WIS#1, that's exactly what the brothers' baby conterparts do in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time when the adult bros faint (but the same does not happen with the babies for some reason).
  3. This might make not getting hit almost impossible as Mario / Luigi's jump and hammer actions mostly get slower and worse to perform.
  4. It might make getting a game over inevtitable if there's a lot of enemy attacks to happen.
  5. Tough luck if the survived bro is in a bad condition like being poisoned, has no 1-UP mushrooms left or get high damage.
  6. Overall it feels like a punishment instead of a gimmick that only difficults the game for no good reason.

Redemming Qualities

  1. Future titles make the jump and (especially) hammer actions more tolerable in that situation.
  2. The way Mario and Luigi carry the other brother's body on their shoulders to protect him or carrying him while escaping when one of them unconscious, combined with the way they yell each other's name when one is knocked unconscious, shows how much they love each other as brothers. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story in particular has very intense screams when this happens.
  3. The other form of attacks exclusive to bosses which requires running away don't have this gimmick.


  • The prototype demo version of the first game reveals that such gimmick wasn't planned yet, instead Mario and Luigi goes outside of the screen similar to Super Mario Bros' death animation and lands on their respective hub.
    • The 3DS remake plays a similar game over jingle inspired from that game