Clair (Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal/HeartGold and SoulSilver)

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If you though Whitney was bad, think again once you face Clair.

Clair (Japanese: イブキ Ibuki) is a character and boss fight in Pokemon Gold/Silver and its extended version Pokemon Crystal and the remakes Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver, she is the Gym Leader of Blackthorn City's Gym, known officially as the Blackthorn Gym. She specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon, and she gives the Rising Badge to Trainers who defeat her. Her cousin is Lance. She is the eighth and final Gym Leader of Pokemon Gold/Silver and its extended version Pokemon Crystal and the remakes Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver and is overall the nineteenth boss of the game.

Much like Whitney previously, Clair is among infamous by fans for her high difficulty.

Why She Sucks

  1. Clair is a trainer who specializes in Dragon-type Pokemon, the most dominant typing in the whole series until Generation 6. The reason is because Dragon-types have very few weakness, only having two weakness (before the introduction of Fairy-types in Gen 6), those being Ice and Dragon-type Pokemon.
    1. While you can find good Ice-type Pokemon, finding a Dragon-type Pokemon can be a pain, the only two options is a Horse found in the WhiriIsland, so you can evolve it into a Kingdra, and a Dratini for a Dragonite, which requires huge amounts of grinding.
  2. All her Pokémon have only 1-2 weaknesses.
  3. Her battle is, if not harder than that of Whitney.
  4. Her team consists in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Pokemon Crystal consists of:
    1. Three Dragonair, which are all the same leveled and have a difference of only move. All three of them know the moves:
      • Slam: A very powerful Normal-Type move with a power level of 80, tho thankful it has a 75% accuracy rate so sometimes it can miss.
      • Dragon Breath: A STAB Dragon-Type move that may also paralyze the foe, as well as a counter for other Dragon-type Pokemon as well.
      • Thunder Wave: An Electric-type status move that can paralyzes the enemy, thus making the not only making a Pokemon slower, but also not give them a chance to attack.
    2. The only difference between all these Dragonair is that all of them know one unique type moves.
      • One of them knows the move Surf, a powerful Water-type move which is a counter for Fire, Rock and Ground-types.
      • Other one of them knows Ice Beam, an Ice-type move which is not only has a chance to freeze the Pokemon, but also a super effective damage against other Dragon-types, as well as Ground, Grass and Flying-types.
      • And the last one also knows the move Thunderbolt, an Electric-type move with full accuracy and a chance to paralyze the enemy, and is a huge counter for Water and Flying-types.
        • This is also bad if you happen to have a Water-type Pokemon with an Ice-type move.
    3. The real pain is her Kingdra, a Pokémon with a very good typing of Water/Dragon which gave her only one weakness that time which was Dragon itself. Her moveset consists of:
      • Surf: Same as Dragonairs.
      • Dragon Breath: Same as Dragonairs
      • Smokescreen: A Normal-type status move that lowers the foe's accuracy.
      • Hyper Beam: A very powerful Normal-type specie move, tho lucky it makes Kindra rest the next turn.
  5. Her battle in the remake Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver is more of a pain. Not only is her team a higher level, as well as one of her Dragonair being replace, but now all her Pokémon have different move sets as compared to GSC and Dragon Breath is replaced with the even more powerful Dragon Pulse.
    1. As mentioned above, one of her Dragonair is replaced with a Gyarados. Her ability Intimidate lowers the foe's attack. Her moveset consists of:
      • Bite: A Dark-type move that may cause the foe to flinch, and is a counter for Psychic and Ghost-types.
      • Twister: A lesser powered Special Dragon-type move that may also cause flinching.
      • Dragon Rage: A Dragon-type move that does 40 damage.
      • Dragon Pulse: An extremely powerful Dragon-type move which is a counter for Dragon-type Pokemon.
    2. Her Dragonair have two different moves as compared to their GSC counterparts. Now they have the Shed Skin ability that eventually cures that status condition and both of them know Dragon Pulse and two other moves:
      • One knows Fire Blast, a very powerful Fire-type move that may burn the opponent, cause damage over time and can also lower their attack power, but also a counter for Grass, Bug, Ice and Steel-type Pokemon.
      • The other Dragonair knows Aqua Tail, a Water-type move that may also cause flinching, as well as a counter for Fire, Rock and Ground-type Pokemon.
      • Her Kingdra becomes more of a pain as it has the Sniper ability which deals more damage once a critical hit lands and she holds the Sitrus Berry, which heals her once her once her health becomes below 50%. Her Surf is replaced by the even more powerful Hydro Pump, which is an extremly powerful Water-type move that is a counter for Fire, Rock and Ground-type Pokemon, and Dragon Breath is replaced by Dragon Pulse, which is explined as with Gyarados.
  6. Just like every Gym Leader/important trainer, when Clair Pokémon's health becomes low, she spams the Hyper Potion which fills her Pokémon's health fully.
  7. Despite of all the pain you went through against her Kingdra, this is where Clair enters the room of an even more unlikable trainer just like Whitney. Once you win against her, she literally refuses to accept your talents and handing over the badge unless they pass the Dragon Master Challenge which shows that she's a sore loser.
    1. Give Whitney credit, while she did refused to give you a Gym Badge after you beat her, at least you can leave the area and get the Badge from Whitney after she calms down.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The TM she hands over in both games are very useful. In GSC, she gives the player Dragon Breath and in HGSS, she gives the player Dragon Pulse.
  2. While Clair is hard, at least she's not as frustrating as Whitney.