Classic Sonic (Sonic Forces)

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Classic Sonic (Sonic Forces)
Look at his face, even he is peeved at Sega for forcing (haha, overused pun) him to appear in the game.
Type: Playable Character
Appearance: mh:crappygames:Sonic Forces
Franchise: Sonic the Hedgehog

"Why is Classic Sonic here? Like, seriously. He just randomly pops up in the story just because he can. Oh, wait a minute, I know why: because he makes Sega the MOOLAH!" ― Nathaniel Bandy 2017

Classic Sonic is the young version of mh:greatcharacters:Sonic the Hedgehog who was first introduced in mh:awesomegames:Sonic Generations. This page will only talk about his heavily panned appearance in Sonic Forces.

Why He's Not A Classic

In General

  1. His introduction to the game is terrible: Tails sees that Chaos 0 is about to attack him, and what does Tails do? He crouches in fear while asking for Sonic's help (even though he knew Sonic was "killed" by Infinite and his illusions and learned to fend for himself 19 years prior) while Classic Sonic comes out of nowhere and defeats Chaos IN ONE HIT. Are we missing something? Wasn't he supposed to be hit thrice to be defeated?
    • Also, that's the only relevant thing he does for the whole story.
  2. Just like Green Hill and Chemical Plant, he's only there for the sake of nostalgia pandering. As MugiMikey stated himself in Modern & Classic Sonic Meet Green Hill Zone in 2017, "It's not nostalgia if it's now the norm".
  3. He is said to have come from "another dimension", even though he's, once again, Sonic's younger self.
  4. Most of his levels' songs range from odd to listen to ear-bleeding.
  5. For some reason, he doesn't speak. Granted, this is a flaw that carried over from Generations, but still.
  6. The game tries to make us feel bad for his departure through Tails, even though Modern Sonic is right behind him. To make matters worse, Sonic even says "Cheer up, Tails. I'm sure we'll run into him again."

As a Playable Character

  1. His gameplay is outrageously botched: He doesn't gain any speed by going downhill, he feels too heavy and always slows down when hitting a spring unless the player holds forward. Doesn't this ring a bell?
  2. Like the other playable characters, his jump feels too unreliable. Is this Sonic, Inkling, or Crash Bandicoot?
  3. The speed shoes only last 5 seconds.
  4. The Drop Dash from Mania was nerfed. It doesn't feel like it reaches a satisfying speed.
  5. His gameplay is at its worst in Iron Fortress.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some fans may like his cute and cuddly design, even if it is a "misconception of Genesis Sonic" as Characters In-Depth pointed out.
  2. His inclusion made infintely more sense in Generations. His playstyle was also miles better.
  3. Despite what's mentioned in WHNAC#7, he's probably not appearing anytime soon, as he isn't seen anywhere in both Sonic Frontiers trailers and the Colors Ultimate trailer.



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