Clem (Luigi's Mansion 3)

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"F*ck this fight, F*ck this fight, F*ck this fight! If Clem doesn't get you, then the spikes will, and if the spikes don't get you, then the bombs will, and if THAT doesn't get you, ALL THREE OF THEM WILL." -Charriii5

Clem is an antagonist and boss fight of Luigi's Mansion 3, he is the first boss of the third main area and is overall the 10th boss of the game, Luigi must defeat him in a dang o dang o irritating boss fight in order to obtain the elevator button for Floor 10.

Why He Dang o Dang o Sucks

  1. The fight is a intense difficulty spike as it appears mid-way in Luigi's Mansion 3 and it could've been worked as a sorta end game fight, but it's too intense for a mid-way boss fight.
  2. Clem is very annoying to deal with as in the floatie section of the fight, he'll try to hit you with a newspaper and even throw bombs into the arena to some points where you might run into them, and he'll also do a spin attack, which if you don't avoid will hit you into the spikes.
  3. Speaking of the spikes, 80% of the walls in the enclosed water have spikes and if you hit the spikes, your floatie will pop as you'll get knocked onto land and where you have to reinflate your floatie.
    1. And not to mention while you doing that, Clem will throw bombs directly where you are with 100% accuracy and if he hits you, you'll lose a bit of HP and have to reinflate you floatie all over again.
  4. The floatie controls can be a bit hard to control and maneuver through the battlefield.
  5. Even if you do suck up Clem when he is dizzy and launch him in the spikes, you may not have enough time to go up onto land and suck up Clem and he'll return to the water with a filled up floatie, making you start over.
  6. Overall, this could had fit more to be a end game boss but it's just a mid-boss with a big difficulty spike.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. To be fair, a boss fight on a enclosed water space where you have to get the ghost off and back on land is a very cool idea on paper but it was poorly executed due to the deranged difficulty and it being in the mid-story.
  2. Nice music playing in the background.
  3. Decent atmosphere.
  4. Defeating Clem and watching him get sucked into the Poltergust is very satisfying.
  5. Despite being a pain to deal with in the fight, Clem himself is a decent and pretty funny character and sorta plays off as a redneck type character alongside a lazy, but temperamental personality.


  1. Be very careful as Clem, the spikes and the bombs are threats that you keep on your toes at all times
  2. When Clem gets dizzy from his spin attack, quickly suck him up and when he gets blown onto land, quickly climb up onto land to flash Clem with the Strobulb, suck him up and slam him onto the floor numerous times, and rinse and repeat.


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