Councilor Vay Hek (Warframe)

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Councilor Vay Hek is a boss in Warframe, found on Oro, on Earth. He's the administrator of Earth on behalf of the Grineer Queens, and was targeted by Lotus due to upsetting the balance in the system.

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Now we finish this business. ONCE AND FOR AAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why He Sucks

  1. While not as much as hateful than other bosses such as Lucien or Vladimir Makarov, Councilor Vay Hek is pretty nasty, even more than Lord Arktivus Brevon. While it is justified in that he's in an M-rated game, his actions would make some nasty bosses on this wiki look sane in comparison:
    1. He destroyed the Strata Relay, thanks to the use of a Balor Fomorian.
    2. He attempted to poison the Earth's forests with a special toxin called Cicero Toxin.
    3. Along with Dr. Tengus, he created hastily-bred cannibalistic clones called Ghouls, and attempted to destroy Cetus to use them as a weapon.
    4. He attempted to use the Infested Boil that landed on the Plains of Eidolon as a way to destroy Cetus.
    5. He orders Tengus to recondition the Grustrag Three, so that their aggression could be aimed to the Tenno as well, despite the fact that Sargas Ruk warns him of all the crimes they did, as well as disagreeing with him.
  2. Unlike all other bosses that can either be fought without any limit on their respective planets, require certain items or during certain events & missions, he's the only one that requires a Rank (Mastery Rank 5 at minimum, to be exact) to enter the node, as well as other tedious criteria.
    1. It doesn't help that the starting area you appear is Earth, which is the first planet to start, and also where he appears.
    2. Even worse, to go on Oro, you have to complete Erpo, which is an Archwing mission. Problem is, you unlock the Archwing by completing a quest that can be obtained in a junction, the latter requiring to complete a quest and Suisei on Mercury.
    3. It should be also noted that after Oro, there's a Dark Sector node. What's the point anyway, if to unlock a Dark Sector, you have to fight a boss?
  3. During the entire mission, you have to chase Vay Hek and damage him until he flees into another part of the map. However, this is no easy task, due to the amount of enemies he spawns to help him, ranging from easy-as-pie unless in groups (Butchers, Troopers, Elite Lancers) to annoying spammers of Latchers & missiles (Seekers, Hellions)
  4. Speaking of the mission, the node cranks up the difficulty by the fact that enemies will spawn at level 20-25, which may catch the players off-guard, as Earth has enemies that starts between level 1 or 6 (excluding the Dark Sector nodes).
  5. Vay Hek Constantly Flies during the boss battle, and in a random pattern, which forces the player to be precise or just plain lucky.
  6. You can only hurt him on his face and his beacon, which appears during his propaganda broadcast. Due to this, it annoyingly doubles by his never shutting his piehole one bit.
  7. Using beam weapons, or weapons that use a large amount of ammo is a terrible idea, as the former's limited range may not dish out enough damage & the latter empty themselves pretty quickly despite their effective damage ratio.
    1. And considering WIS#5, you will mostly miss all shots, or even hit parts that aren't his face or his beacon.
  8. Some of Vay Hek's attacks are either easy or difficult to avoid.
    1. While his machine guns act like a weaker Gorgon, it's surprisingly accurate. However, it can be cheesed by hiding.
    2. Vay Hek can also open his mask and begin to broadcast to all Grineers and Tennos in the area, which can increase the defense and attack of any Grineer, as well as reducing the shielding of a Tenno.
    3. During the second phase, Vay Hek will fire a beam that inflicts a Magnetic proc, which drains all your energy.
    4. In the third phase also, Vay Hek will use an upgraded version of the Disruptor Shock, which involves a wave of red electricity.
    5. If below maximum health, Vay Hek will have the great idea of sapping a Grineer's health. Should it die by this method, he will restore health.
  9. You do not have only four phases with Vay Hek flying, but you also have another one with his Terra Frame for a grand total of five phases, making for one very long battle.
  10. Both Vay Hek and his Terra Frame have large amounts of health, making them complete bullet sponges.
  11. In his Terra Frame, Vay Hek gains new attacks:
    1. He will fire a tracking rocket that can deal splash damage.
    2. Sometimes, he spawns a drone, depending on the number of players. Propaganda Drones will act like Vay Hek's Propaganda Broadcast, but Orbital Strike Drones will call Orbital Strikes that can deal massive damage.
    3. If too close to him, he will do a Shockwave that can leave the player open for damage.
    4. If Vay Hek has low health, instead of 1 rocket, he will fire 4-5 simultaneously.
  12. Defeating him isn't satisfying, because as soon as the Terra Frame is destroyed, he escapes like a coward.
  13. During the Plains of Eidolon, Vay Hek will constantly appear in a transmission each time you come near a place with Ghouls buried, which becomes annoying after a while.
  14. It's a requirement if you want to go on Sedna and unlock The War Within.
  15. As always, if you have badly modded weapons or Warframes, it will be difficult.
  16. On sorties, Vay Hek is supemely painful to fight, as he will be at LEVEL 100.
    1. Also, good luck if, as a sortie condition, it gives you Sniper Only, Bow Only, Pistol Only, Energy Reduction, Enemy Physical Enchantment or Enemy Elemental Enchantment.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the frustrating battle, Vay Hek, like Lord Brevon, is a well-made laughy yet intimidating and threatening character.
  2. Along with Tyl Regor, he's one of the bosses that actually sees Lotus as an actual threat to his plans.
  3. In a comic, it's explained how he got rebuilt after being dropped by Tengus to the Ghouls.
  4. His appearance and design is amazing.
  5. His voice acting is very good.
  6. He drops the parts of Hydroid, one of the best Warframes for farming purposes.