Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter)

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Dan Hibiki is a playable character in the Street Fighter franchise starting with Street Fighter Alpha 3. His origins stem from being created by Capcom in retaliation of SNK shamelessly ripping off their characters, specifically in the latter's Art of Fighting series. He has since been implemented into Street Fighter as a joke character.

Why He Sucks (But in an understandable Way)

  1. A majority of his specials do minimal damage and have extremely short range.
  2. His super move is nothing more than a very long taunt.
  3. Most of his attacks are just weaker versions of other characters' attacks.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite how terrible of a fighter he is, fans endeared him for his funny manneurisms, silly in-joke nature & devastating game under the right hands. See #3 for details.
  2. Street Fighter IV and V buff him greatly. While still a joke character, it is a lot more possible to win fights with him when playing as him.
  3. A lot of satisfaction can be had when beating an experienced player with Dan. Even more satisfying to see their reaction over losing to Dan.