Dark Emperor Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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A Spirit that no one should ever faced for its armored state

The Dark Emperor Spirit Battle is a Legend Spirit Match Segment in the Spirits Mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which pits the player character against a Ridley A.I. It is Notorious for its very rage-inducing difficulty.

Why It’s Too Dark

  1. The Dark Emperor is active during the battle and can buff Ridley and the Player Character’s Stats, So because he buffs Ridley’s Stats, The player character’s potential done for and screwed.
  2. Ridley possessing super armor is nonsensical representation for this battle since it has nothing to with Dark Emperor in his original universe.
  3. Speaking of, Since Ridley is Giant and Possesses Super Armor, he is infuriating to Knock out.
  4. Also, Since Ridley is Giant, he can KO the Player Character cheaply and with 3 or 4 Attacks.
  5. The Stage, Find Mii (if the right platform is out), Can leave leave the player character no room for breathing or strategy making it hard to dodge attacks and easy to get hit or lose.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's worth sparing from the unbearable pain since it is a Shield-Type. It also becomes powerful at Lvl. 99.
  2. The Dark Emperor can also buff the Player Character’s Stats Making the battle somewhat easier.


  1. Equip Spirits With Giant Killer.
  2. When the Dark Emperor comes into the stage, attack him so the Ridley gets nerf stats and the Dark emperor doesn’t interrupt the battle.