Dark Loops (Sunset Racer 1.X Evolution)

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Dark Loops is the sixth and final level of Sunset Racer 1.X Evolution

Why It Sucks

  1. The description about nighttime visibility is rather misleading, as you can already see the traffic in the distance due to the game's graphics not aging well.
  2. It's unforgivable to beat since you're driving a 1986 MG Metro 6R4 look-alike (and it's the only car in the game), which is rather slow for the said track.
  3. The track itself has four laps, in which it can be pretty frustrating due to the 210 seconds time limit and the amount of traffic during the race.
  4. Just like Driving Mission No. 34 from Gran Turismo 4, this track leaves NO ROOM FOR ERROR. Otherwise, one small mistake and you'll have to restart the track all over again.
  5. The traffic is rather unbearable due to it's density. Ramming one even with the sligthest bump will cause your car to instantly oversteer.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's the only track in the game to be played during nighttime.
  2. After beating the track, you'll unlock a rather flashy-looking spoiler which gives you better steering and higher top-speed.