Death Row (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)

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Death Row is a story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, given to Tommy Vercetti by Kent Paul from the Malibu Club.


Tommy plans to kill Ricardo Diaz, the man responsible for killing Lance's brother and ruining the drug deal at the start of the game. However, his plan goes south when Kent Paul informs Tommy that Lance has been kidnapped by Diaz's goons and is being held hostage at the junkyard in Little Haiti. Tommy has to go rescue Lance and get him patched up at a hospital.

Why It Sucks

  1. As soon as the mission starts, Lance's health bar is constantly diminishing, acting a timer of sorts.
  2. After getting past the barricade, Tommy has to shoot his way through Diaz's goons, who pack heat with machine guns and assault rifles.
  3. Some of the gang members are hidden atop the junk and cranes, and they can kill you (or Lance) within seconds if you don't see them coming.
  4. After getting to Lance, Tommy has to take him to the hospital in the Downtown area, all while being chased by Diaz's goons in Comet sports cars, which can easily ram him off the road if he's in a slow and/or fragile vehicle.
  5. Unlike every other mission in the game, you get no monetary rewards at all.
  6. This mission is way too difficult for one that takes place early in the game's storyline.
    • This mission will be even more difficult if the player completed the mission "Trojan Voodoo" beforehand, since Haitians will become hostile towards Tommy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This mission was made somewhat easier in the mobile version as well as the Definitive Edition, as there are way less goons to kill.
  2. Although there is no monetary reward upon completing the mission, Diaz's goons drop plenty of money when killed.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Make sure you start the mission with full health and body armor. Optionally, complete the Pizza Boy and Vigilante side missions to increase the health and body armor by 50%.
  2. It is heavily advised to have powerful weapons for this mission (even those that aren't unlocked in Ammu-Nation yet):
    • The Colt Python (which can be found at the Ocean View Hotel and Hyman Condo after collecting 30 hidden packages)
    • The MP5 (which can be dropped by the FBI agents at a 5-star wanted level)
    • The S.P.A.S. 12 (which can be found near the Vice Surf billboard near Escobar International)
    • The M4 (can be found either at Studio B in InterGlobal Films in Prawn Island, behind some buildings near Cafe Robina in Little Havana, found between the shacks near Auntie Poulet's house in Little Haiti, or dropped by the armymen near the Fort Baxter Air Base)
    • The Minigun (which can be found in the remains of the Haitian processing plant after completing Trojan Voodoo or at the Ocean View Hotel and Hyman Condo after collecting 60 hidden packages) or the Rocket Launcher (which can be found at the swimming pool of Hooker Inn in Viceport or at the Ocean View Hotel and Hyman Condo after collecting 70 hidden packages)
    • The PSG1/.308 Sniper (which can be found at the roof of a building near Cafe Robina in Little Havana or at the Ocean View Hotel and Hyman Condo after collecting 50 hidden packages)
  3. Use a fast and/or strong car to reach the junkyard and the hospital later on.
    • It is highly recommended to use one of the sports cars (i.e. the Banshee, Stinger, Cheetah or Infernus) instead of the Sentinel to outrun the enemy Comets.
    • Alternatively, you can use the Trashmaster found in the junkyard to withstand the enemy Comets ramming into you.
    • You can use a helicopter to fly to the hospital and ignore the enemy Comets entirely.
  4. It is better to complete this mission before completing "Trojan Voodoo" as Haitians will still be neutral towards the player.


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