Defection (Warframe)

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Defection is a game mode on Warframe. Introduced for The Pacifism Defect event, the game mode's objective is to escort squads of NPCs from their hiding spots to a transport ship that will let them evacuate, one or two squads at a time.

Don't you always wonder how it feels to drag people from a certain point, while preventing them to get themself handed to the infested? Trust us, it's not a good feeling.

Why It Sucks

  1. Each one of the levels that hosts Defection, are blocked through an Archwing mission.
    • Phobos's defection mission, Memphis, is blocked by a Rush mission, Gulliver. The latter is annoying due to the time limit, as well as the requirement.
    • Jupiter's defection mission, Caracol, is blocked by a Pursuit mission, Pandora. Like the Rush mission, the Pursuit mission is annoying.
    • Neptune's defection mission, Yursa, is blocked by a Mobile Defense, Salacia. But unlike the other two archwing mission, Salacia is far more enjoyable, since it's a good place to farm affinity for the archwing, the arch-gun and arch-melee.
  2. The defectors's AI is pretty bad. Sometimes, they get stuck over something (or even nothing at all), and even if revived from their bleedout, there's a chance that they will still stay there.
    • Also, they tend to go to the long path, even if one of the paths is near the med tower.
    • Defectors will also decide to take long paths, or to split to themself, forcing the players to protect one of them.
    • The annoying part, is that defectors will tend to take longer to reach the med towers or the evacuation zone, either because it's glitched, an enemy blocks him, or for unknown reasons.
  3. The Neptune one involves the infamous Infested Ship tileset, which is confusing and difficult to traverse.
  4. You get the rewards for each two squads you rescue.
    • Standard reward rotation in Warframe is AABC - meaning that it will take 6/8 squads rescued to reach rotation B and/or C, which has exclusive rewards, like the Harrow Systems.
  5. Defectors take constant damage due to the infested spores, and the main way to heal them is for them to go on the Med Boosters. Med Boosters requires power cells, which are dropped by Mutalist Osprey Carriers, even though they are fairly common.
    • Mutalist Osprey Carriers are difficult to hit, due to them being a flying movable target that will shoot you in the meanwhile.
    • Another way to heal them is to play a warframe with healing abilities, such as Oberon, that can supply constant healing to ally units, and Trinity, who can refill all allies' HP and shield bars in a single click, additionally giving them damage reduction for a certain period of time. However, while Trinity's parts are dropped from Ambulas, Oberon's parts has a chance to be dropped by Eximus enemies.
    • This means that players that doesn't have either Trinity, Oberon, or their primed variant, are forced to grind either Ambulas or the Eximus enemies, to get their respective pieces.
  6. The game mode is prone to bugs and glitches.
    • Sometimes, the defector's spawn breaks, leading to a neverending game.
  7. Manics will regularly spawn every few squads rescued.
  8. Every 5-7 squads evacuated, three Red Veil Operatives will spawn, trying to kill Defectors.
    • A Red Veil Operative will fight with the Tetra, dealing heavy damage. They're also pretty tough to kill.
    • The bitter thing is, despite being able to scan them, you cannot use them in the simulacrum.
  9. Harrow Systems, the drop most people play this game mode for, has a chance to be found on B and C rotation. However, there might be a chance that Red Veil Operatives has already spawned there.
  10. It can appear as a Sortie mission, which means you have to rescue 5 squad of defectors, while preventing 6 of them to die. It might sound cool, but remember: You're doing this on a sortie, a gamemode that adds a condition that can make enemies more tough, give you troubles or forcing you to equip a certain weapon.
    • To add insult to the injury, after rescuing 5 squads, you have 5 minutes to extract, otherwise the mission will fail.
  11. During arbitrations, Defectors will istantly die.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A recent update for the PC version of Warframe made so that the Harrow Systems can be found on Rotation B as well.
  2. If you play solo, the game will send you only one squad of three defectors at time.