Destiny Tower (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky)

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Destiny Tower is an unlockable dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. It's randomly unlocked by drinking random beverages at Spinda's Café. This dungeon is well known for being the hardest dungeon.

Why There’s No Destiny in This Tower

  1. As said before, it's an exclusive of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky. This means people that bought the Time or Darkness version won't have access to it.
  2. To unlock it, you have to drink a random amount of beverages from Spinda's Café, which happens at random.
  3. The Restrictions this dungeon has makes Purity Forest and Zero Isle South look like a cake walk. In fact, while the fact that only the leader can enter (as well as his level being reduced to 1 upon entering the dungeon), the items in the treasure bag will be instantly lost and no recruitment can be made inside is shared from the other two mentioned dungeons, Destiny Tower cranks up the difficulty by rendering all the IQ Abilities unusable and making trap remain hidden even if a regular attack is made on it.
  4. In floors where Hippowdon or Abomasnow are present, there will be a bigger chance than an Hail or a Sandstorm will occur.
  5. The dungeon has 99 Floors total, making this more tedious.
  6. The dungeon also shares the same floor layouts with Zero Isle South (except the last three floors), which is lazy.
  7. Like Purity Forest, this dungeon is a test of luck, due to the random item spawn generation.
  8. Two new traps appear in this game: The Grudge Trap, which warps all the enemies and gives them the Grudge status, which can make all the PP of the last move go to 0, and the Random Trap, which uses the effect of a random trap.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Along with Final Maze, Destiny Tower is the only dungeon where HM can be found.
  2. The reward for completing this dungeon is satysfying: In fact, you (as the main Pokémon) can see a Statue of Arceus, and obtain a Space Globe, an item that can double the power of all offensive moves.
  3. If you complete this dungeon without cheating, you can consider yourself a true Pokemon Mystery Dungeon player.