Devil Doom (Shadow the Hedgehog)

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Well, aren't you an insolent fool.

Devil Doom is a form of Black Doom, the main antagonist of Shadow the Hedgehog. He is the main boss of the Black Comet, the final boss of The Last Story, is the final boss of that level and is overall the eighteenth and true final boss of the entire game.

While not as bad as the Egg Dealer, Devil Doom has been not well received by fans, critics, and players alike for his qualities.

Why He's The Devil

  1. In order to fight Devil Doom, you (as Shadow) have to first get to Black Doom by traveling throughout the entire Black Comet, which can be a bit tedious considering that there are enemies and some bombs along the way.
    1. What makes this even worse is that it is timed, so Shadow is pretty much forced to constantly use the Chaos Control move whenever its meter is full.
  2. Devil Doom’s overall design is a bit unfitting for a Sonic game. Sure, it can be explained by the game itself meant to be one of the darker entries in the Sonic series (which, by the way, tries way too hard).
  3. While Good as a Character Devil Doom who was Black Doom Feels a Bit Out of Place for a Sonic Character.
  4. Being the final boss, Devil Doom has a huge selection of attacks, all of them that are rather strong and are a little hard or even too fast to avoid:
    1. Fire Breath: Devil Doom can spew out fire ether sides of his two heads, which is extremely easy to avoid, mainly due to how he only fires in one direction, but it can push you back far.
    2. Wing Block: Devil Doom will block your attacks with his wings, avoiding damage from the Chaos Spear.
    3. Meteor Lasers: Devil Doom also has an attack where he will make a bunch of meteors float in the air and shoot energy lasers, and those are extremely fast and hard to avoid.
      1. Luckily because Shadow is in his super form the lasers will only stun you (though some may find this attack a bit pathetic).
    4. Teleportation: Devil Doom will also use Chaos Control whenever you get to close to him. Note that he always teleports at a very far distance, so you have to always boost at all costs.
    5. Debris Launch: On top of that, after Devil Doom teleports, he will lift a bunch of rubble to throw at you which, while easy to avoid, can push you away.
  5. Sonic and his allies (including Eggman) will constantly give you (as Shadow) obvious tips during the battle, and they NEVER SHUT UP, enough to make Omochao blush.
  6. Speaking of WIS #4, Black Doom also never shuts up, he’ll constantly say “Chaos Control!” whenever he teleports, and he’ll also say “Die along with these foolish humans!” when throwing rubble. In other words, he’ll always say quotes whenever he makes a move in battle, which can get annoying very quickly.
  7. Trying to Fire a Chaos Spear can be a bit of a pain, because if you just fire normal small shots, Devil Doom will just block them with his wings (however the wings can be damaged, but they’ll only be stunned for a while). Also, if you manage to shoot the eye, Doom’s Eye will go from one head to the other, so in other words, you must go back and forth to hit his eye (what a good waste of your rings in the process)!
  8. Being the very final boss of the entire game, Devil Doom has a lot of HP, so prepare for a long battle.
  9. This boss takes FOREVER to get to, because considering that you need to unlock the TEN endings of the regular story, some first-timers may not know that there's a last story unless they actually get all the ten endings, or even look it up, and once you pretty much unlock all those endings, you’ll pretty much realize they were nothing but filler!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Devil Doom’s design, while unfitting, is very awesome.
  2. The atmosphere is solid.
  3. As a Character Devil Doom who was Black Doom makes an Entertaining Villain
  4. Great music. It's the opening theme in its entirety, minus the intro.
  5. You get a heartwarming and satisfying ending after the battle.
  6. At least the Chaos Control is actually useful for once in the Black Comet part.


  1. Be sure you have as many lives as possible.
  2. Keep track of your rings while Shadow is in his super form.
  3. If you’re in the Black Comet part, use Chaos Control at all times when the meter is full.
  4. Wait until your Chaos Spear is fully charged in order to hit Devil Doom’s eye directly.
  5. Kill anything that moves in the Black Comet. The Hero meter gradually fills up by killing evil enemies and the level is full of them.