Dexiduous the Invincible (Borderlands 2)

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Dexiduous the Invincible (known simply as Dexi among the Borderlands community) is a hidden raid boss added to the game of Borderlands 2 via the Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt DLC. He's an enormous wetland drifter who's as tall as a skyscraper and the currently toughest raid boss in Borderlands 2.

Why He Sucks

  1. Dexiduous is the most expensive raid boss in the game. While most other raid bosses require a payment of 8 Eridium to fight (save for the Ancient Dragons of Destruction and Son of Crawmerax which both require 20 Eridium and Vermivorous the Invincible where you need to get lucky and have her spawn), Dexi requires more than 90 Eridium to spawn.
  2. Spawning Dexiduous is also a pain, first you need to place your Eridium into 4 totems scattered across Hunter's Grotto (one of the largest areas in the game) and then hit a switch in the center of the map. Then you still need to vanquish multiple badass savages and witch doctors before Dexiduous can be fought.
  3. Dexiduous's design is also quite lazy, he's basically an enlarged wetland drifter and shares most of his attacks with his lesser counterparts.
  4. Fightning Dexiduous is extremely time consuming. He takes virtually no damage if you shot him anywhere else than his critical hit spots, the critical hit spots will be destroyed after sufficient damage is inflicted to it, so you have to wait and dodge Dexi's attacks until more critical hit spots appear on his body. Hitting these critical hit spots are easier said than done because how tall the beast is and his constant swaying.
    • And even if you hit those critical hit spots, Dexi still has extremely high damage resistance and he's fully immune to shock damage. If you don't aim well, you'll likely run out of ammo before killing the beast.
  5. While Dexiduous's fight is certainly frustrating, it's certainly not challenging, most of the time the fight simply boils down to the Vault Hunters hiding underneath Sir Hammerlock's lodge and spraying bullets at Dexi with an Infinity pistol.
  6. After all that toil and trouble, what do you get? Well, you have a chance to obtain the CHOPPER assault rifle, whose special effect is that it has outrageously high fire rate, consumes 6 rounds to fire 4 shots (Wait, WHAT?!) and won't stop firing after you pulled the trigger unless you put it away. Unlike most other DLC raid bosses, Dexi doesn't even drop seraph crystals.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Dexiduous can drop a random legendary or seraph item, if you get lucky.
  2. Being a raid boss, defeating Dexiduous is not necessary to complete the DLC's story.
  3. If you download and install the unofficial community patch, Dexi can now drops better weapons such as the Twister, and any of the Seraph weapons introduced in the DLC, some of which, like the Interfacer, are the most desirable weapons in Borderlands.