Doctor Healmore (Team Kirby Clash)

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(I've done this for one role, time for another. Never let children make a wiki.)

Doctor Healmore is one of the 4 roles in Team Kirby Clash and Super Kirby Clash. It represents the Doctor ability, however it has some reasons to suck. (Note that this is only talking about how it is and not judging it as a role).

As if Hammer Lord wasn't bad enough... Doctor might be an underrated Ability in Kirby: Planet Robobot but we can all agree that Doctor Healmore is absolutely horrible.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is incredibly underpowered, to the point where it is the WORST role in the game, even worse than Ganondorf in Brawl and 3DS and Wii U. (Why do you guys keep making Smash Bros. comparisons? They make no sense. Also, Sword Hero is worse.)
    • In fact, it turned Doctor from an underrated Kirby ability to an extremely useless one to the point where it became a disgrace to the world! (Did you just use the same Hammer Lord quote from the other page? Also, one game does not determine how good an ability is. If that were the case, Tornado would be terrible because of Forgotten Land.)
  2. The pills Kirby shoots are replaced with gems, which is outrageous. (How? It's medieval times!)
  3. The attack where he squirts a potion out of his needle feels more like a rip off of the Parasol ability than being unique. (IT'S A VIAL, YOU MORONS! Also, just because Parasol can attack from above doesn't make it similar. If that were the case, Water's Up + B move Geyser is a ripoff of Parasol.)
  4. The Book attack just lets Kirby move so fast, to the point where it can make him run into an attack and can result in cheap health loss. (Then use it for mobility.)
  5. Wasted Potential: The fire, ice and electric potion attack could have also let Kirby use all 3 of them together but it just lets you use one, and you can't even pick which one you like. (This was also in Robobot's version of the ability. You're cherry-picking at this point.)
  6. Even more Wasted Potential: The Healing area could've had better features like sucking up bosses' health like the Hungry-HP Suckers from EarthBound, but that idea was poorly executed. (That... actually would be cool and would make the charge up worth it. Good job, editor.)
  7. Speaking of that, if you fail to do it correctly, you receive an animation where it blows up on Kirby's face and his face turns all black, and he looks at the player with a surprised face in a disturbing and horrifying way imaginable. Kirby himself suffers no damage from the blowup, and it may not be as scary as other stuff like the villain ending from Cuphead, but it's still scary. (If you're scared of a Looney Tunes-style blacked-out face with big eyes, I have some phone numbers you can call for mental health.)
  8. Also, when Team Kirby is healing in the Healing Area, a boss will just ruin the peaceful moment by either attacking or walking in damaging everyone, making Food a much better idea. (Then move, moron.)
  9. The weapons for the role are too overpriced. (You said this on Hammer Lord's page too, so this is a universal issue.)
  10. Some of the missions involve Team Kirby fighting a boss in this role... WHICH IS AN INCREDIBLY STUPID IDEA. (You do realize some others involve fighting in the other roles, so all of them are "incredibly stupid" too.)

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The Healing Area is an awesome idea for a move. (This is true.)

How to Not Have a Skill Issue and Use Doctor Healmore Well

  1. Only charge Healing Area up to Level 2. It has enough space and power to heal the whole team.
  2. Pocket your potions when you craft them. The healing potion sucks, so try not to get that one. If you do, you can share it with the rest of the team like food.
  3. Using a potion allows you to gain invincibility, so use them wisely. Fire has the most invincibility, Electricity has the least.
  4. For the highest DPS, spam Jewelry Shop (Dash, jump, then hold B).
  5. Use Spellbook Bash for mobility instead of damage because of its speed and invincibility.