Donkey Kong (Super Smash Bros.) (N64)

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For now, we'll have to call Donkey Kong the Peasant of The Jungle.

NOTE: This page is discussing on how he had a bad start in Super Smash Bros. 64, not to mention that this page is only judging him on his moveset and playstyle, not him as a character.

Donkey Kong also known as DK or D. Kong is a major character of the Mario series and the main character of the Donkey Kong Country franchise. He is a playable fighter in every Smash Bros. game to date. However, he has often been cited as one of the worst fighters early in Smash 64.

Why He wasn't King of the Jungle

  1. He had a poor start, being one of the worst characters in Smash 64.
  2. He is somewhat slow, making it somewhat hard to hit attacks and escape pressure.
  3. He is also the largest character in the game, making it very easy to hit him.
  4. While he does have heavy weight, this makes him an easy target for combos.
  5. Despite his incredible endurance, his off-stage survivability is almost non-existent, making his air game very risky.
  6. He has among the worst vertical-distanced recovery moves in the game, as Aerial Spinning Kong gives very little vertical distance.
  7. His Spinning Kong (from 64) and Headbutt (from Melee) are pathetic and uninteresting, and could be replaced by something way better from his series, like the Barrel Cannon from the DKC trilogy, and in Melee onwards, his Coconut Gun from Donkey Kong 64.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He does have his strengths, as he has powerful moves such as his aforementioned Giant Punch which when fully charged, deals 36% damage.
  2. He also sports an infamously abusable grab release, made possible by his unique forward throw.
  3. He has remarkable reach throughout his moveset, making it easy to hit opponents from farther away.
  4. He is the heaviest character in the game, making him very difficult to KO, especially vertically.
  5. He has noticeably improved in future games, making him a better fighter, being average in all future games, including Ultimate.


  • Donkey Kong, along with Yoshi, is one of two characters in the original Super Smash Bros. to never be portrayed with headwear in-game.
  • Donkey Kong is oddly able to avoid projectiles from hitting his head if he taunts at the precise moment.
  • Super Smash Bros. 64 is the only game where Donkey Kong is the heaviest character. Melee-present, he's replaced by Bowser.


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