Doppelganger (Far Cry 3)

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Doppelganger is the 29th main mission in Far Cry 3 where Sam devises a plan to disguise Jason as one of the privateer recruits to be able to get close to Hoyt. Jason infiltrates a nearby recruit-training base, sneaks past numerous privateers to kill a privateer named Foster and steals his uniform, and it's well-known one of the hardest and worst missions in Far Cry 3.

Why This Mission Sucks

  1. It's a stealth-based mission. If you get detected, the mission will fail.
  2. The Privateers can detect you quickly even in a very dark cave.
  3. There's too many enemies in this mission, making the mission extremely frustrating.
  4. You cannot kill or takedown the enemies.
  5. While the rock is useful to distract enemies, the rock never bring all enemies to that location and sometimes the enemies will look back if there's an intruder sneaking in the cave.
  6. This mission is a nightmare without the Jungle Run skill since you move so slow when crouched.
  7. At one point, there will be a heavy in your way, which you can't stealth kill because the skill that allows you to do so doesn't unlock until after this mission.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. After completing this mission, you will be awarded an privateer uniform, which is a useful item that disguises you to make the privateers not attack you.
  2. When you fail, it will decrease the number of guards to make the mission easier.


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