Dracula (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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Dracula is a boss character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, originating as the main antagonist of the "Castlevania" series. However, he is notorious for his overpowered difficulty in Classic Mode and Adventure Mode.

WARNING: Do not insist of fighting him since he is dangerous for a weak fighter.

Why He's a Cesspool of Lies and Hatred

Note: This page will focus on his Classic Mode Version and Adventure Mode Version (if No Spirits are equipped).

  1. He is notorious for his difficulty spike especially when Luigi, Pac-Man, Simon, and Richter reached 9.9 in their "Classic Mode".
  2. He is Nearly impossible to defeat or No Damage for fighters that are weak or lack reflectors or counters (EX:Luigi, Simon, Richter, and Pac-Man)
  3. His second form looks way more overpowered than his first form as he attacks certain fighters with his claws, spirits, etc.
  4. His moves may be cool, but there are some which can be painful:
    • His "3-Way Bullet"s firing is so fast that they will hurt a bit, however, they need more precision.
    • His "Omnidirectional Bullet" can revolve throughout the center, which can hurt them due to a small amount of space to attack.
    • His "Pillar of Flames" can burn fighters when touched, which can either be random such as following the fighter.
  5. His second form's moves are way worse than his first form's moves:
    • His "Rip Apart" can attack them with his claws and this takes a lot of damage, heck, they will get "poisoned" for the first attack.
    • His "Claw Strike" can "meteor smash" certain fighters with his claws and they will get KOed when they reach more than "100%".
    • His "Trample" can hurt them real bad using his shockwave stomp, which can KO them when it reaches "100%".
    • His "Tracking Bullet" can follow them using his spirits and it can "poison" them when touched.
    • His "Fire Bullet", while decent, can burn fighters in a "quick firing", heck, it can create a pillar just like when he did in his first form.
    • The worst offender being his "Shockwave", as he can shoot an electric wave to hurt fighters in a pinch and can be KOed in more than "100%"
  6. To be fair, if certain fighters, as mentioned above, can defeat him in his first form, they need to attack him in the head.
  7. He can also become way overpowered if the player manages to make Luigi, Simon, Pac-Man, and Richter reach 9.9.
  8. During the final battle (before facing Galeem and Dharkon), if players fight without using spirits, then you are done for, unless they need to be precise.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His defeat is SATISFYING as he (in his second form) explodes after defeating him, and the background turns into bright yellow, which reflects the daytime setting.
  2. The music ("Nothing to Lose" and "Black Night" or "Dance of Illusions" for Richter only) is cool to listen to.
  3. At least his appearance (in both forms) stays faithful to Castlevania.
  4. Sephiroth is way better than the four base game fighters as he is more powerful to defeat him by using his attacks.
  5. The Adventure Mode is way better if the player manages to equip Spirits fitting for the fight before fighting him.